Easy Trick to Arrange Short Flowers in a Tall Vase

Now that it’s officially Spring, we have seen some pretty amazing sales on flowers… especially tulips!
How to perfectly arrange your tulipsAfter a dreary winter, these pops of bold color (typically under $5 a bunch!) are exactly what our homes are craving. And don’t even get us started on how amazing these flowers are at lasting in a vase longer than some of our other favorites (yeah… we’re looking at you hydrangeas).

How to Arrange Tulips

Springtime tulips enhance any roomTulips in spring are always a good idea & today I thought it was only fitting to pop in with a super quick tip that has made such a difference in helping me display these beautiful blooms in some of my favorite vases.
A tall vase is a great place to display your tulipsThis is a shot I took when I came home from the grocery store and plopped the tulips in one of my taller vases. It’s definitely not bad-looking (some may even prefer this tighter look), but I like my tulips to droop out of the vase. That way the arrangement seems to take up more room on the table and it makes a larger visual impact.

Unfortunately, these stems were too short, so they didn’t have enough height to droop outside of the vase. Instead, they are only peeking out of the top, which makes a smaller visual impact.

Give your Flowers Height

But with a super easy trick, I was able to use the same vase and achieve the bigger, more droopy arrangement I wanted from the start. My secret weapon?!
A small tupperware container is the only trick you need

A mini tupperware bowl! You can use an actual bowl or a heavy measuring cup (these actually work better). Since this tupperware bowl fit the circumference of the vase perfectly, I’m using it instead.

Tupperware bowl hidden in the vaseThis mini Tupperware bowl (or whatever household item you choose) will add “secret” height to the bottom of your vase so that your short flowers will look a lot taller when you plop them in the vase.

The taller they are, the more opportunity you will have to arrange them how you like. Fill your vase with water and cover the Tupperware bowl

After you add the bowl upside down into the bottom of the vase, add water and no one will ever know about your secret weapon.Beautiful tall vase and tulipsThen all you have to do is plop the short-stemmed tulips (or whatever flower you have) into the vase and arrange accordingly! Not all tulips start as droopy as these did, but over time your short stems will start drooping around the vase and will make a bigger visual impact when on display. This arrangement is perfect, the tulips flow over the sides of the vaseFor such a simple trick, I’m always surprised at what a difference it makes. You may not have to use this trick every time, but I wanted to share it just in case you come across short blooms that you want to display in your favorite tall vase.

Create a Tight Tulip Arrangement

And for those largemouth vases that tend to spread your flowers around the mouth of the vase, think about adding a smaller vase inside the larger one. This will create a narrower opening. Use a mason jar inside your vase to create a tighter displayThere’s been plenty of times where I sneak a mason jar inside a larger, more stylish vase. This way the flowers are tighter and I can still use the vase I had my heart set on.

In cases like this, I usually only put water in the mason jar (or the skinnier vase) and not in the large vase too. That’s what I did with this flower arrangement of spray roses…

Gorgeous roses displayed tightly in this vaseSo what do you guys think… do any of you already use tricks like this? I love splurging on fresh flowers, and hate when I don’t have the perfect vase to fit the specific bouquet I purchased.  Any tips or tricks for creating a solution OR keeping my flowers alive as long as possible are very welcome!


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Easy tips to display tulips


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