An Inexpensive Master Bedroom Update

Now that our master bedroom is just about “done” in terms of decorating, I’ve been eyeing each and every piece in this space to make sure I absolutely love it. That’s the fun part about having a room that is done. You can really take a close look at all of the details, instead of being overwhelmed by the prospect of decorating an entire room!master-bedroom-bedding

I’ve never really loved the gray pillows on our bed. The gray & white certainly worked well for the space, and they were the perfect size. But the Greek key pattern never felt quite right. But it was never a big priority for me to change them up, so they stayed nicely fluffed on the bed. bedding-pillows-bedroom

Over the past few months, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for new pillows to replace them and nothing ever fit the bill. But then I saw these pillow covers online at a great price, and figure it was finally time to have pillows on my bed that I absolutely love.

Plus, the covers would fit the old pillows perfectly so I didn’t even need to buy new inserts. Success!

Black & White Striped Pillow Coversblack-white-striped-pillow

I found the pillows on Tonic Living which is a new-to-me site. My friend Courtney recently used them for curtains in her home, so I figured the site had to be pretty great. They have a great assortment of pillow covers, and these days finding quality covers for under $50 is a win in my book. Why are they sometimes so expensive? Craziness.zipper-pillow-cover

I decided to go with black and white stripes because I don’t have any other stripes in the room (not sure how that is possible…) and I think stripes can go with just about anything. Plus adding a hint more black to this room is on my agenda, so this would be a nice subtle way to add in more black details.put-on-pillow-cover

Once the covers came, I pulled them right over my old pillows and zipped up the pretty gold zipper.wide-shot-master-bedroom

Honestly I’m surprised by how much I love them! bedroom-pillows-4

I know this isn’t the most groundbreaking blog post of all time, but I think it’s important to call out a few things.

Small Tweaks Make a Big Difference

First, if you’re not obsessed with something in your space…change it! Every time I made my bed, I always thought about how I didn’t love the greek key pillows (they’re cute…just not totally my current style). So I’m happy I FINALLY did something about that.bedroom-pillows-11

And second, pillow covers can be a game changer! Find new ones you like and put them directly over your old pillows. Such a budget-friendly way to make a bed or couch look completely different. Oh and Tonic Living has some affordable & contemporary patterns. (Not sponsored at all…just love finding new resources for home accessories!) bedroom-pillows-8

For now, our master bedroom is feeling just right. But we will see how long that lasts…


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