January’s Organizing Agenda… you in?!

Now that it’s January, we have seemed to jump on the Organization Express and we are full-steam ahead to Crazytown a place where there is no such thing as tangled cords, cramped closets, or purses that seem to swallow items foreverrrrrr. #wishusluck

After we both put our Christmas decor away, we chatted about how we felt like the nooks and crannies in our life needed some organization TLC — ASAP! Soooooo, we did what we do best here on the DIY Playbook: made a to-do list & got to work immediately.

Call us crazy, but we felt the need to get started on Project Organize-The-Areas-That-Guests-Don’t-Always-See-But-Still-Drive-Us-Nuts as soon as we could. And the kicker? We are NOT looking to spend a lot of money on these organization projects but more so are looking to find simple, affordable solutions to these problem areas. Solutions that don’t necessarily require elaborate labels that are gorgeous in magazines, but not always realistic in real life. Solutions that don’t require amazing organizing tools or containers that you can only buy at specialty shops. Solutions that will work in January, February and far beyond 2015. Are you in or what?

Whether you’re on board or not don’t be too nervous, the DIY Playbook is not turning into an organizing blog; not now, not this month, not ever. We are just weaving these organizing ideas into our regular content and going on as usual. Here’s what’s on the agenda so far:

– Busy Girl’s Guide to setting up an easy, household Filing System
– How to Clean & Organize your Make-up Brushes
– How to Organize Nora Fleming Minis for $5
– How we organize our time: A breakdown of Casey & Bridget’s typical day
– How to organize all your random cords
– How to stay organized in a small space (Apartment or Small Home)
– How to organize your tools
– How to organize your purse
– How to organize photography equipment
– How to clean & organize your bathroom
– ALLLLL of Casey’s amazing wedding photos <– Oh wait, that’s not organizing… just EXCITING!!

This is just a start, and again, we are NOT only posting about organization this month. We still have Casey’s wedding to share, a look into how Bridget celebrated her first anniversary with her hubby, some thrift store makeovers and even a new GALLERY WALL to name a few.

As we kickoff a jampacked month, we’re open to suggestions and can’t wait to give the deep, dark corners in our life some much needed attention. We’d love for you to join in too! Tag us on social media (@diyplaybook) throughout your organizing adventures because heck, we can’t do this alone!

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PS. Speaking of what’s to come, make sure you tune in Monday morning for the 15 changes in 2015 for the DIY Playbook

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