Library Inspired Engagement Photos

Remember our love for libraries? We thought it was only fitting to incorporate this little hobby of ours into the second part of our engagement shoot. (You can read part one right here).

Our Library Inspired Engagement Photos

Library Inspired Engagement Shoot
Library inspired engagement photos
Library Engagement Photos
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How to Make the Most of your Photo Session

 Like I said before, it’s fun to go to places that mean something to you and your relationship. For us, the library was one of them. I loved that it not only offered a unique venue, but it also reflected us as a couple. (ya know, the whole teacher thing?!)
-This may sound like the weirdest idea ever, but BRING your own books. No, not because there’s not enough of ’em in the library, but because an engagement shoot is busy and typically you have a strict time limit with the photographer. I loved the pictures with the books, but I didn’t have time to pick books that were meaningful or at least had catchy titles. My advice? Bring books that are meaningful to you or have titles that you love… so that when the book shots come up- you’re ready to say “cheese!”
Call ahead. The library we visited was so accommodating and welcoming. We called ahead to make sure bringing paparazzi into this sacred area was okay. I would absolutely recommend this!
-Go at a slow time so there is less of an audience. Of course, people will stare at you as you basically smooch in every nook and cranny of the library… do you blame them? Yes, slightly awkward…but totally worth it.
And the biggest advice…enjoy your library inspired engagement photos! How many times will you have the chance to smooch in the library on camera? Hopefully only once…why not make the most of it?


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