A New Light Fixture In The Stairwell

Remember last month when I shared my house tour after dark? I loved showing you guys what our house looks like when the sun goes down, but that post really brought to my attention how many lights I still needed to install in our house!

I shared in that post that we’ve been in our house over a year and a half and still had 6 (!!) light fixtures on the first floor alone that needed to be addressed. With 4 of those 6 having no light fixture at all! I knew we still needed a few lights, but I guess I never realized I had so many that were unfinished. Seeing this number gave me the motivation I needed to start making progress getting these “naked” light fixtures covered.

First on the list? A new light fixture in the stairwell!

Running Electrical To The Stairwell

When we had the electrical done during our kitchen renovation, the contractors had to do some work up in the attic. Since they were up there wiring already, I asked if they could wire a light to go in our basement stairwell because it was always so dark. For a small fee, they said no problem! The whole process took them no time at all because like I said, they were up there working already.
stairwell light before
But since then, I didn’t do a thing with this new light. I loved the amount of light the new electrical brought to our stairwell, but the look of the naked bulb was getting old. Enough was enough!

New Light Fixture In The Stairwell

I set out to find a large pendant/chandelier light because I wanted something that would hang down and make a statement in this tall, yet very plain stairwell.
etsy stairwell light fixture
I found this light on Etsy, of all places, and immediately fell in love!! The mid-century vibes. The shape. The size. I LOVED everything about it and immediately scooped it up in black (although the brass option was a serious contender too!).

Installing Our New Fixturenew light fixture in the stairwell

Unfortunately, I had to hire an electrician to install this fixture because I don’t own a ladder that would reach this tall ceiling. I wish I had picked this fixture out when my kitchen contractors were here because I probably would have saved money having them install it the same day they wired the new box.

Note to self for next time around.

Now I have no choice but to focus on the fact that the new light fixture is up and has become the perfect focal point when we enter from the mudroom door. It’s perfect for the space!

Other Contenders

For others who may be looking to jazz up a light in a place with tall ceilings (stairwell? entryway? etc.), here are some of the other light fixtures that caught my eye during my search:
Now, time to focus on the other 5 fixtures on our first floor…


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