Our Guys Share Their Spring Fashion Favorites

We’re changing things up for today’s Wednesday style post. Instead of us posing awkwardly in front of the camera, our guys are taking over. And we’ve gotta say…they’re a hell of a lot less awkward than we are in front of the camera. How are they such naturals?!

Men’s Spring Fashion

We thought it would be fun for our husbands to share their favorite men’s spring fashion finds. If your guy needs some attention in the wardrobe department, you may find some new staples for his closet! And with Father’s Day quickly approaching, there might be some good gift ideas on their wardrobe lists too. So let’s stop yapping and let our 2 favorites take over…

Finn’s Spring WardrobeA khaki pant and navy blazer are perfect for men's spring fashion

Finn: The spring fashion period is truly my favorite, especially when you live in a diverse weather city such as Chicago. One day it’s a sweater and chinos, and the next I want to find the closest pool and never leave.

I view it as an opportunity to blend the lines of casual and formal (as well as a chance to buy new must-have’s.) Pairing a casual blazer with contrasting pants and bold shoes is a simple way to branch out and enjoy the weather.  Next time you head to a work happy hour, a nice dinner, or even a family party – think about jazzing it up and step out in style.

Dress your guy with a chambray button-down and khaki shorts

Most evenings in the summer, I am wearing shorts and casual shoes, so I look for a nice short sleeve button down to complete the look. I love how they are breezy and lightweight. Finding a few well-fitting and versatile short-sleeve button downs is a must for the summer.

Finn’s Spring Staples

Cole Haan Oxford

The most comfortable and versatile shoe I have ever worn. They can be paired with shorts, chinos, or dress pants and are ideal for summer.

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Colored Shoelaces

Adding a contrasting shoelace color is a simple and low-stress way to craft your own look, plus it is cheap!

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Slim Chinos

The fit is ideal and they help elevate your look when the summer calendar calls for a more polished look.

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Lightweight Blazer

Owning an unstructured blazer provides versatility in the spring, with a light fabric and no interior lining they are vastly different from a traditional wool blazer.

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Pocket Square

Although it may not be an everyday occurrence, I suggest you pick up a few floral lapels & pocket squares to liven up your look. The Tie Bar has the best values around.

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Braided Belt

While I love leather belts, sometimes changing up your look to a navy or patterned woven belt can really solidify a casual summer look.

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Palm Tree Short Sleeve

Express has so many styles and they often make it easy to buy in bulk with 2 for 1 deals. I love pairing a patterned or vibrant button down with a classic khaki short for a balanced look.

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Matt’s Spring Wardrobe

Create a casual look with a t-shirt and striped shorts for men's spring fashion

Matt: Spring is MOST CERTAINLY in the air! When warm temperatures creep their way into the Chicagoland area, it’s as exciting as a limited edition Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s.

Whether I’m taking the stroller for a walk around the neighborhood or wining and dining at an open-air restaurant, I like to dress for comfort and style. With each year that has gone by, I have noticed my attention to detail for shirt sizes and short designs. I used to love my “go- to” khaki shorts above the knee and a traditional polo shirt.

Now, I have expanded my wardrobe to more fitted t-shirts and shorts with some more creative designs (enter flamingos…you can never have enough flamingos).

If you find a style that you love, hold onto it! If you find shirts or shorts that fit you just right, buy enough of them to create your own “style rotation.” I like to think that my look is simple, yet stylish. I’m not trying to reinvent the fashion wheel, but I am a firm believer of lookin’ good leads to feelin’ good! Here are some of my go-to favorites these days…

Matt’s Spring Staples

Soft Fitted T-Shirt

Definitely my “go-to” upper body attire for the summer months. These shirts have a comfortable material and a TON of different color options.

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Jogger Shorts

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a sucker for a baggy pair of basketball shorts. However, these shorts really opened my eyes to a new style & also got me over my fear of wearing shorts above the knee—I DID IT!

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Sperry Shoes

Comfortable, stylish, and good for any occasion! Even if I’m out grocery shopping, I can bring that “Nautical Sizzle” to the local food market.

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Patagonia Snap Hat

I dig the colors, I dig the logo, and I dig the snap back. I used to think of Patagonia as a “cold weather staple”….but wow was I wrong!

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Korked T-Shirts

Do I have an unhealthy obsession with Joe Maddon and the Chicago Cubs? You bet I do! Was I head over heels when I found out that a company made t-shirts with Joe Maddon quotes? YUP!

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Herschel Backpack

Diaper bag for a day trip? Overnight bag for a speaking engagement? This bag brings some major style to the backpack game. Don’t just walk the walk…pack the pack!

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Slim Fit Shirt

This is my first go-around with the J. Crew short sleeve button down and I am ALL IN. I turn into a diva when it comes to slim fit shirts, and this one passed the test.

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M’s Work Pants

As a public speaker, these chinos are worn for each and every show. There is nothing that competes with the style and flexibility of these pants.

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Thanks for taking over the blog today boys! We hope you found some new pieces for the man in your life.


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