Candle Mistakes You Might Be Making

I’m candle obsessed and I light one pretty much I just love the cozy ambiance from a lit candle and scented ones always make my home smell fantastic. My favorite candle accessoriesWhile I have my go-to candle (you guys all know I rave about this one), there are some others that made my “favorite candles” list. And I have even found some amazing accessories that take my candle obsession to the next level.

My favorite candles to burn in the house

Even though I’m a candle junkie, I have made a few candle faux pas in the past. Here are mistakes that should be avoided if you want your candles to last and last…

Candle Mistakes You Might Be MakingCandle wick trimmer

You Don’t Trim the Wick: Whenever I buy a new candle, I always trim the wick down. It’s supposed to be about 1/4th of an inch in length. If you keep it long, then a big flame will burn and you’ll have soot all over your beautiful new candle. Don’t do this! Instead, trim the wick right away (and every time you light it). I used to just use scissors, but I recently purchased this wick trimmer and it’s now one of my favorite candle accessories.Snuffing a candle

You Don’t Snuff It: I usually buy candles with lids and instead of blowing out the flame, I put the top on to extinguish it. If yours doesn’t have a lid, then you can use a candle snuffer. I think they’re kinda fun and the one in this kit works great . Instead of blowing out the flame and creating a smoky room, snuff it! That way the aromas from your candle will linger throughout your home. Make sure you burn your candle for long enough

You Don’t Burn It Long Enough: I’m definitely guilty of this candle mistake. When you light a candle, you need to let the wax melt all the way to the edges. If you don’t, then you’ll have a tunnel in the middle and it will burn down more quickly. Whenever I get a new candle, I try to light it for at least two hours so it burns evenly (even longer if it’s a big candle). If you only let your candle burn for thirty minutes at a time, then you’ll go through it a lot faster and you’ll waste a lot of wax.How to reuse a candle jar

You Don’t Re-use the Jar: Most of the candles I buy come in really gorgeous jars and I love to re-use them around the house. I shared this tutorial last year, outlining the steps to remove the wax and save a candle jar. It’s so easy and I use them to store all kinds of goodies around the house.

My Favorite Candles & Accessories

My favorite candles and accessories

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid when burning candles, come scoop up some new ones for your home.

My All Time Favorite Candle

We all know I rave about this candle all.the.time. It has been my favorite candle for years and I always have it on hand. I love to burn it before people come over so our home smells clean and a tiny bit sweet. I also give this as a gift because everyone I know loves it too!

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Best Winter Candle

I know winter is far from your mind (at least it is for me!), but this is such a good scent for winter and the holiday season. It smells like a fresh cut Christmas tree and that’s a scent that can’t be beat.

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Best Fall Candle

This is my favorite scent for fall. It’s a bit masculine with the mahogany teakwood scent and it’s strong, but not overpowering. Plus, not a bad price!

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Diptyque Berries Candle

Diptyque candles are definitely on the pricier side, but they make for amazing gifts. This is the most popular scent…it’s fresh and fruity!

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Long Neck Lighter

Fun fact about me, I can’t use a traditional lighter. It’s so hard for me to get it to ignite and then I inevitably burn my thumb. Seriously,  how do people do it? Thankfully, I always have a long neck lighter on hand to light all of the candles in our home.

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Candle Accessories Set

This candle set has it all…a wick trimmer, a wick dipper, and a snuffer! Love the gold color and amazing price tag on this adorable set.

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Readers’ Favorite Candles

My favorite candles and accessories

I always love trying new candles, so I asked you guys for the details on some of your favorite candles. Holy smokes, you guys are just as passionate about candles as I am. While about 50% recommended my favorite candle, here’s what everyone else had to share…

My favorite candle accessoriesHope you guys found some new fresh scents to try in today’s post. Oh, and come fall, be sure to try this DIY cozy candle holder (it takes two minutes to make and hides any ugly labels on your candle!).


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