How to Organize Nora Fleming Minis

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love this product and feel the need to gush all about it because it’s just that cool. Plus, I recently did a DIY based on it, so I need to give ya a little background on it.

Have you guys heard of Nora Fleming serving platters?! If you haven’t… we seriously need to chat. To be honest, I have no clue if these platters are popular strictly in the Chicagoland area or if they’re popular everywhere. Ms. Nora Fleming, the creator of these gorgeous & genius platters, is from the Chicagoland area so I’m not sure if they are sold here because she’s from here or if they’re sold everywhere. The good news is, if these platters really are just a “Chicago thing”, you are in luck because you can order them online and get them shipped right to you!We love Nora Flemmings Platters and Minis! Check out this tutorial on  DIY organizer for all my Nora Flemming Mini's accessories.

So what are these platters all about?! Well, ALL of the serving platters and plate products are a plain, classic, slightly off-white color. Like this one…

Nora Fleming Platter with diamond ring mini. I love these platters and mini's so much I made a DIY Nora Fleming mini organizer!

The platters and trays come in all shapes and sizes but all have the same look. The part that makes these platters so cool is that they have this tiny little hole, which holds a seasonal “mini” to help accessorize your party.Do you love Nora Fleming mini's and platters as much as I do? THen check out my DIY Nora Fleming Organizer

There are tons and tons of “minis” to choose from and you can easily trade them out for each of your entertaining needs. Hence, you do not need to buy all new platters for each holiday, but instead, re-use the classic white trays and platters while trading out the mini to match the specific occasion. Pretty gosh darn GENIUS if you ask me!

The minis run about $10-$14 each and as each mini retires from the collection, you can get them on sale. These minis are GENIUS because they eliminate the need for me to have to buy a ton of different themed platters and then find space in my tiny kitchen to store all of this festive  stuff. Instead, I have a few of these classic platters and have a little collection of minis to change out for each party.

This brings me to today’s $5 DIY project. A Nora Fleming Organizer for all m y minis.

One trip to Goodwill later, I found this wall shelf (?) that was intended to hold small figurines back in the day.Step on in making a DIY Nora Fleming Organizer: Find a wall shelf | DIY Playbook

I took off the hanging hardware on the back of the box to create a flat bottom.You want to remove the hanging metal strip off the back of your old shelf so it can sit flat.

Then I gave this piece a few coats of white spray paint I had left over from a previous project. After it was dry, I simply added a stickers of the first letter of every month throughout the year, this would help me put my minis in some kind of order by seasonal occasion.This adorable DIY Nora Fleming Organizer was made with an old shelf from Goodwill, some white spray paint and some cute stickers.

Finally, I placed my collection of minis in each of the cubes and I was all set! A $2 shelf turned drawer organizer for some of my favorite entertaining accessories. After buying the $3 stickers, this DIY organizer cost me about $5 to make.

The letters in my DIY organizer are loosely arranged by season!My Nora Fleming mini's fit perfectly into my DIY Nora Fleming Organizer | DIY PlaybookDIY Nora Fleming Organizer: Customize it | DIY PlaybookNow, all I have to do is place this organizer in my kitchen drawer and I’ll never lose my minis again! For $5, how could I beat this DIY organizer? Definitely an excuse to celebrate in my book.Your DIY organizer can say whatever you want it to say. Mine says, "let's CELEBRATE!"

 And more importantly, thanks Ms, Fleming… I love your style!




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