Our 2020 Holiday Wish Lists

As an adult, it feels a little weird to put a wish list together. Finn and I typically save and buy items for ourselves if we really, really want them, but our family members are always asking what we want for Christmas. Instead of saying, “Oh, I don’t need anything” or “Whatever you think”, we try to make it a little easier on them and offer some specific gift ideas. It’s a win-win for everyone. They have an easier time shopping and we get items we actually want and need.Santa letterfolk for Christmas

But I always have to sit down and really think about what I want to put on my list. What do I need? What would be something nice that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself? Those are the items that we both try to put on our 2020 holiday wish lists. I figured I would share my Christmas list, but I also asked Finn to share his if you’re still looking for gifts for the men in your life. Plus, I even have a little section for Rory.

Casey’s Wish ListMy 2020 holiday wish list

Classic Socks

Consider me an adult, because every year socks top my holiday wish list! My socks have seen better days and I would love to start the cold season with some matching ones (without any holes). Plus, I love that Bombas donates a pair of socks to a homeless person for every pair of socks they sell!

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T-Shirt Bra

So this is a gift I’ll probably buy for myself, but I’m in need of a good everyday bra. After being pregnant, breastfeeding, and now just being “normal” the girls have seen lots of different shapes and sizes over the past year. I need a good-fitting bra now more than ever.

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Vitamin C Cream

I hesitated even adding this to the list because it is pricey, but it’s something I actually really do want for Christmas. After I had Rory (I was in need of a new mama pick-me-up!), I went to my dermatologist and bought the products he recommended for my skin type. I walked away with this cream and used it every morning. My skin changed dramatically! I need to buy another bottle, but I’ve hesitated because of the price tag.

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Nail Polish

This would make for a good stocking stuffer! I’ve chatted about how much I miss going to the nail salon (haven’t been since the pandemic started) and I’m absolutely terrible at painting my nails. I’ve heard good things about this brand (where you can shop by your polish level…I’m definitely a beginner!).

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Finn’s Wish ListFinn's 2020 holiday wish list

Finn is one of the best shoppers I know and he always has a running list of the items he wants to add to his wardrobe or everyday life. Here are a few items topping his 2020 holiday wish list.

Barbecue Spice Kit

The Spice House recently helped me replenish my kitchen basics but now I am moving onto the good stuff…BBQ! These spice sets are a tremendous value and the perfect gift for a creative chef or grillmaster.

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Golf Polo

I swear by these golf polos and would love to add a few more to my closet. The tailored fit is much more comfortable than a traditional golf polo. Good for work or golf (someday when it warms up!).

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Rory’s Wish ListHoliday gift guide 2020

We are doing our best to limit the amount of stuff in our house, so for holidays and birthdays, we’re not going overboard with toys for Rory. This year, I’m sure she’ll just have fun munching on the ribbon and playing in the boxes anyway! But even in future years, we’re going to try to keep it simple and ask our family to respect those wishes. I’ve always liked the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” motto for kids!  We’ll see how it goes…

Learning Tower

This item actually made this year’s gift guide! Rory isn’t quite ready to stand and “help” make dinner, but when the time comes I want to be ready with this cute learning tower. Love the natural wood look.

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Learning Walker

I was the mom who swore up and down that she wasn’t going to buy tons of colorful plastic toys. But here we are! I’ve heard good things about this toy to learn to walk.

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My Favorite People Book

Since we don’t get to see family very often these days, I want to create a “My Favorite People” book so Rory can see everyone’s face and hear their name every time we read it.

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Our 2020 Holiday Wish Lists

And as always, be sure to check out our holiday gift guide for more shopping ideas.

All you need to do is press the OPEN button in the bottom right corner of the image above and the Gift Guide will appear as a full-screen, interactive guide. Then you can flip through the pages (just like a magazine!!) and when you click on the item you love, you will land on the exact website of this product so you can easily buy it right then and there. Or you simply click here and it will go to a new browser for you to shop there!


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