My Mom’s Best Tips for Wrapping Gifts

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If you’ve been a blog reader for a few holiday seasons, then you know that I always brag about my mom’s gift-wrapping skills. The woman is amazing at wrapping presents and is known for her fancy bow making skills. I actually shared a blog post a few years back, showcasing how she makes her gorgeous (and inexpensive!) bows for all of her holiday gifts.Our best gift wrapping tips While I’ve shared her tips in photo form, I thought it would be fun to do a little time-lapse video of her in action! I made a little IGTV video and you can view it right here on my Instagram page. We recorded this at her house in front of her pretty tree.

Handmade Gift Ideas

Here are some of the gifts I bought for my niece, my nephew, and a couple of friends who have had babies this year. I bought all of these gifts from Amazon Handmade. I love shopping there because it’s a great way to support small businesses and buy gorgeous pieces from Makers all over the world. Plus, I get unique gifts for all of the special people in my life. Here are a few of those gifts…

Pink Quartz Ring

I adore all of the jewelry from this Maker. She really makes such unique pieces. I especially like this pink quartz ring. It’s adjustable, so would make for a nice present for any lady.

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Wrapping SuppliesMy mom's best gift wrapping tips

Now, let’s dive into my mom’s gift wrapping tips. First, you want to make sure you have the right supplies on hand.

My Mom’s Best Gift Wrapping TipsMy mom's best tips for wrapping gifts

I’ve already shared step-by-step processes for both wrapping gifts and making her bows, so I won’t go into specific details here. Instead, I sat down with her and we came up with a list of her best tried and true gift wrapping tips.

Don’t Use Too Much PaperDon't use too much paper when wrapping gifts

I’ve definitely failed at this tip many times while gift wrapping and I always end up with a sloppy gift. The best thing you can do is cut any excess wrapping paper so you don’t have too much on your present. This will make things less bulky, the tape will work better, and it will look nice and neat! So do a good initial cut off the roll and then also cut any excess off the sides before folding. Handmade wrapping paper from Amazon HandmadeI like to use regular Kraft paper or I’ve even found some really pretty handmade paper on Amazon Handmade this season. Such a good way to support a small business!

Fold the Edges CrisplyFold crisp edges when wrapping

When you do fold, make sure you fold a really crisp line. This will help the edges stay down better and will make wrapping easier overall. Plus, it’s always nice to fold the edges down before taping. That way you won’t see the cut lines at the end of the paper.

Wait to Cut your Ribbon

Adding ribbon to a plain gift

Before cutting the ribbon off the spool, wrap it around the gift to get an idea of how much you’ll need. Make sure you pull the ribbon from the back to the front and the front to the back – both horizontally and vertically. My mom usually just eyeballs this step, but she says it’s about seven feet of ribbon for a normal shirt box.

Simple Ribbon – Use AccessoriesMake a simple ribbon bow

I’m not amazing at doing the fancy ribbons my mom does for all of her presents. Instead, I like to use satin ribbon horizontally and vertically around the present and then I tie it in a simple bow on top. To make it a little more special, I’ll often tuck in faux greenery or berries. This adds a unique touch and takes your gift to the next level!

Fancy Ribbon TipsHow to make a fancy ribbon

When it comes to creating my mom’s signature “fancy bow”, you can view the step-by-step in this blog post. And here are her best tips…

  • Use thick wire ribbon.
  • Pinch the bow tightly when making the loops. This can be tough, so if you’re a novice you may want to ask a helper to tie the knot around the ribbon while you keep the middle pinched.
  • Make ribbon cuts on an angle so it doesn’t unravel.
  • Fluff, fluff, fluff.

Use Nice Gift TagsUse vintage gift tags

We both aren’t big fans of gift tag stickers. Instead, we buy large packs of gift tags like these and tie them around the ribbon on the front of the package. This year, I bought these vintage Christmas tags and they add a special touch to any gift. Displaying gifts

If you have poor penmanship, as I do, then you can use stickers to write out the name of the gift recipient. I like to use initials or even just the first letter of the name for this part.

Make Gifts Part of your DecorMy 2019 Christmas Home Tour

Finally, if you put a little effort into wrapping your gifts, they can be a part of your holiday decor! Choose paper and ribbon that match the decor in your home and the gifts will look gorgeous under your tree.Wait to cut your ribbon

I hope you found some gift ideas or learned a few new wrapping techniques from this post! And be sure to check out that IGTV video. (My mom is the ultimate hand model!)


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