A Roundup of Our Favorite Doorstops for your Home

It’s that time of year. The time when you can FINALLY open up all of your doors and windows to let some fresh air in. Yes! Such a good feeling right?

Do you know what’s not so great though? When all of that air flow creates a wind tunnel and your doors slam shut scaring everyone in the household. Not fun.

doorstop-cb2-marble-3But that’s where doorstops come in! After too many slammed doors, I finally decided to find a doorstop that would remedy the situation. Bonus points…my doorstop looks amazing and fits right in with my home decor. Function, check! Fashion, check!

doorstop-cb2-marble-1I’ve been using my new marble doorstop for quite some time now and is it weird that I’ve now become obsessed with an inanimate object? Because I truly am obsessed and I wish I would have gotten one sooner!doorstop-cb2-marble-5

If you’re having the same wind tunnel problem in your home, I’m here to help! Here are some doorstop options that are both stylish & functional!

CB2 Marble Doorstop

This is the one I have and love. It’s got a great weight to it and is really well made. The marble is heavy (which is good because it keeps my door open!) and the leather pull on the top is the perfect detail.

Anthropologie Elephant Doorstop

This elephant one is too cute! How adorable would this one be for a kid’s room or playroom? A hint of regal gold could go in any space.

Wayfair Rope Knot

The rope knot seems to be a popular doorstop on the market, and for good reason. It goes with just about any style of home decor and you really can’t go wrong with a neutral color right there on the floor. This is a great traditional option.

Stripe Door Wedge


I’d be remiss if I didn’t add a wedge doorstop to the round-up. And how awesome is this one from Schoolhouse Electric? Love the subtle stripe and simplicity of this piece.

Gold Geometric Doorstop

This is a great modern option that can add a hint of glam to any space. At first when I spotted this picture, I thought it looked like a large stool or side table. But it’s actually a small sculptured object with some weight to it. This would also look good as a bookend or just as a decorative piece on a shelf!doorstop-cb2-marble-4

One question I’ve gotten is, “where do you put the doorstop when you close the door?” The answer is simple…I just move the doorstop to the side. Because my marble one is a pretty decorative piece, it just adds a little bit of style to the floor area!doorstop-cb2-marble-2

So are you ready to open up the windows and let that fresh air in?! Now you can without the fear of those startling door slams. Bring it on spring!


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