The Top 10 Home Decor Items You Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I hope your day is off to a wonderful start. I don’t really celebrate this holiday very much (usually just a card and a small gift for Finn), so it kinda feels like a regular ol’ Thursday to me. But I did want to pop in with a love themed post for today.

I was looking through our analytics and wanted to highlight the top home decor items that you love. It’s always fun for us to see what’s popular and what you guys like to buy, and honestly, sometimes I’m a little surprised at what “sells.” I decided to keep these items strictly home focused because clothing items sell out so quickly and something that was popular 6 months ago is probably long gone!

Top 10 Home Decor Items

So here are the top home decor items that thousands of you purchased in the last year.Family room with jute rug

Bridget’s Family Room RugOlga area rug

This is by far the most popular item of the bunch! In fact, Bridget liked this rug so much she has purchased it twice! She first debuted this rug in the office in her old house and then bought a larger one for her family room space. Gray family room rug

I think this rug sells because it’s incredibly inexpensive, neutral, and hides dirt really really well. It’s soft, yet durable…which is perfect if you have kids. Plus, it can magically work with just about any style. Bridget actually reviewed this rug in our “How Do We Like It Now” series, so you can head there for a full honest review of this piece. Spoiler alert: she continues to love it!

Textured QuiltNeutral Bedroom Space

This gray textured quilt from Target is another bestseller. We both like to decorate with a quilt at the end of a bed for a finishing touch. I also love a good nap where I don’t get under the covers, but instead, I pull that quilt on up and lounge away on a Sunday afternoon. Anyone else feel extra luxurious when you nap on top of a made bed? Maybe it’s just me! A neutral bed with white and gray bedding

Bridget sometimes puts her quilt as the base layer in her bed and then puts the duvet on top of it. Another good look that provides some dimension and interest. 

No matter how you style it, this quilt is a good one. It’s thick, warm, and the texture gives it extra interest. Plus, a pretty good price tag for bedding!

Glass Toiletry Bottles

Glass shampoo bottles

This item definitely surprised me! I didn’t expect these glass shampoo and conditioner bottles to be such a fan favorite! But they really are very easy on the eyes. We’ve had ours for over 6 months now in our guest bathroom and they still look great and work well. Finn does sneak a few other plastic bottles into this shower area, but these 2 are still holding strong for the shampoo and conditioner.

Custom Home PortraitCustom home portrait

Image via Eucalyptus & Pine

We included this custom home portrait on our gift guide and you guys when gaga over it! So many people that I know (in real life) told me that they purchased this as a gift and the recipient loved it. I think it’s just such a personal and thoughtful gift idea, you really can’t go wrong.

Bridget’s Bedroom RugOriental area rug

Another rug that is super popular is Bridget’s bedroom rug. This unique rug makes such a statement in this neutral room. While it looks vintage, it’s actually new and comes with a budget-friendly price tag. I think it’s so popular because it is bold! Adding a rug like this to a space allows you to be very pulled back and refined with the other components of the room.

The most asked question is about the color. Online it appears suuuuuper dark and orange (it is called “tangerine” on there), yet in our photos, it’s very light. I’d say it’s much closer to our photos than the ones online. Yes, it’s colorful but it’s also very muted.

Lumbar Throw Pillow

Tribal lumbar pillow

Another surprising item is this tribal lumbar pillow. It surprises me because we used this pillow over 2 years ago in this bedroom makeover, yet it’s still incredibly popular! While Target pillows aren’t usually our favorite (they often don’t have zippers, so you can’t remove the cover), this one is a good one. Perfect for a bed like this, or would look great on a couch.

White Duvet Cover

Casey master bedroom daytimeBoth Bridget and I are obsessed with our white duvet covers from West Elm. I’ve purchased 2 of them for our house and I will probably purchase more down the line. The quality is incredible and I love that you can bleach them! White bedding is always a must for me because I feel like I can wash it all the time and it still looks good. I love this duvet in particular because it’s textured and thus hides all the wrinkles. I do wish it had a zipper enclosure (and not buttons), because sometimes the buttons come undone. But still…a really good purchase.

Plant StandIris planter from West Elm

I get so many compliments on the plant stand in our family room. I was initially a little worried to buy it because it isn’t the cheapest item ever, but it was such a worthwhile purchase. It adds so much interest to the room and everyone who comes in absolutely loves it. The same snake plant we put in it 3 years ago is still alive and kicking, even though we rarely water it. It literally requires zero maintenance and is somehow still doing a-okay! Iris planter from west elm

This planter is the large size and I’d recommend getting that one. The medium size would be too small to stand alone and would need to be paired with a larger pot.

Wishbone Chairs

The dining chairs in B’s house make the cut for top home decor items. These beauties are such a classic style and they ended up working with her current table, and the one in her old dining room (which makes me think they could work with just about any dining room table!). They’re surprisingly super comfortable and durable, too.

Anthropologie CandleVolcano candle from Anthropologie

I’ve been chatting about my love for the volcano candle at Anthropologie for years, and it appears you guys love it just as much as I do. I give this candle as a gift fairly often, because the smell is just so good and I think it’s universally appealing. They recently added a gold container to their lineup and I’m loving the new look. I also added these diffusing reeds to our bedroom, so the amazing scent fills our space in the back too.

Top Home Decor Items

So here they are again (in no particular order)…

  1. Gray Area Rug
  2. Textured Quilt
  3. Glass Toiletry Bottles
  4. Custom Home Portrait
  5. Oriental Inspired Area Rug
  6. Tribal Lumbar Pillow
  7. White Duvet Cover
  8. Geometric Planter
  9. Wishbone Chairs
  10. Volcano Candle

Now I would love to know…have you purchased any of these items? Are there others that you love that didn’t make the top 10? Would love to hear!



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