Moroccan Shag Rug for the Master Bedroom

Sometimes it takes a long time to decorate a room. I mean like a really long time…like I could have popped out a baby since the last time I even thought about decorating our master bedroom (sorry to scare you Finn, #nobabyhere)

Yep, I haven’t even thought about decorating our master bedroom since we moved in last October. But this room is officially back on my radar, and I’m starting from the ground up…literally.

Casey and Finn's old black rug

We’ve had this black rug for a pretty long time now. We purchased it on sale way back when we used to live in Wisconsin. It went with some pretty god awful black and green bedding we used to own, and I remember loving this rug at the time. Since then we’ve worked to transform our master bedroom into a more peaceful oasis, which involved making everything much lighter and brighter.

But this black rug was still hanging around, and I was itching to ditch it.

The black rug isn't awful, but we're ready for an update

The black rug isn’t very comfortable and it showed every single speck of dirt, dust, and hair. As a blondie a black rug isn’t the best idea. I can sometimes be a shedder, and no one wants to see long blonde hairs all over their floor.  I knew dark had to go, and something much lighter and comfier would replace it.

For quite some time, I had my eye on a specific Moroccan shag rug. If you’re a blog reader or into home decor whatsoever…then you probably know the one I’m talking about. Cream colored, shag, and a navy/black/gray diamond pattern all over it. There are many versions sold with this specific look, but West Elm probably sells the most popular one.

West Elm Rug- my inspiration


I feel like I’ve seen so many rooms with a rug like this one, and I’m not surprised…because it’s gorgeous! But, I knew I wanted something a little bit different. I wanted to keep the comfortable look and feel, as well as the light colors, but I didn’t want to just go out and purchase the exact same rug as everyone else. That’s when I saw this rug online…

Rugs USA rug- more inspiration

I found this Keno Moroccan Shag Rug on Rugs USA and it seemed absolutely perfect for the space. The gray detailing, the interesting pattern, the comfortable material…I was sold. With two sizes to choose from (5×7 and 8×10) I had to opt for the smaller of the two. I did want a larger rug for the space (the black one was a little too dinky), but sadly the 8×10 would have been like wall to wall carpeting in the bedroom. So I decided on the 5×7 for the space.

At $266 it wasn’t a bad price…but get this, it was 60% off. Yes 60%! So I ended up paying a whopping $107 for the rug. Seriously, what a bargain! I highly recommend waiting for a sale on Rugs USA because it seems like they’re frequent. Updated master suite with the new rug- so happy!

I did have to wait a couple weeks because the rug wasn’t in stock, but when it arrived I knew I was already in love.

This rug is amazing and comfy

It’s so incredibly soft and plush. I’m talking curl-up-in-a-ball-and-take-a-nap comfortable. In fact, Finn even said he wished we could pick it up and put it on the couch every Sunday so he could have a luxurious snooze in the family room. Not gonna happen…but does sound pretty delightful.

New Moroccan rug in the master suite

The new rug lightened up the whole room

The colors work so well in the bedroom, and it’s already so much brighter in there. Our “calming, peaceful oasis” theme is now coming together with the addition of this rug.

Calm and peaceful master bedroom

Master bedroom accessories

Now that the rug is in there, I’m determined to get to work on the rest of this space. I’ve got my eye on a headboard, and then it’s time to find something spectacular to hang above the bed. Until then, you may find me curled up in a ball napping away on my new shag rug. Maybe it’s time to DIY a “Do Not Disturb” sign for our door.



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