Where Finn Buys Rory’s Clothes (& How We Keep Them Clean)

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I don’t really know when it happened, but at some point over the last 16 years that I have been with Finn, he turned into “the shopper” in our household. Maybe it’s because I don’t like shopping and I will gladly wear the same things over and over again (some of my clothes are from high school!). Whereas, he is always trying to stay on-trend and stylish. Or maybe it’s because the man is amazing at online shopping and will read reviews for hours to find the perfect product, while I often just click and buy in about 30 seconds. Finn is the reason for the never-ending parade of boxes showing up at our front door and I don’t mind one bit because now that Rory is here, Finn handles all of the shopping for her.

Where to Shop for Baby Clothes

Where we buy Rory's clothes

Jeans // Sweatshirt (from H&M, but sold out) // Socks // Headband // Daddy’s Girl Sweatshirt (pictured below with Finn)

Whenever I show a photo or video of Rory on social media, I’m usually bombarded with questions about where her clothes are from and I usually have to ask Finn! I figured it would be helpful to share all of the sources for her little wardrobe in a blog post. That way, people can reference this over and over again as they do their own shopping. Here are his favorite places to shop for baby clothes…

  • Monica & Andy: They have super cute, one-of-a-kind prints. Rory wore a lot of Monica & Andy when she was teeny tiny! This brand also makes for good gifts.
  • Bonds: This is an Australian company that makes the best footed onesies. They’re soft, high-quality, and come in the cutest patterns. Plus, the feet and hands can convert to cover those areas if it’s chilly. Rory wears these to bed and when we’re just lounging around the house. Shipping takes a while, so keep that in mind when ordering!
  • Baby Gap: We’ve had success with their sweaters, hats, onesie packs, and socks.
  • H&M: When it comes to trendier items (like Rory’s cheetah sweatshirt, above) we opt for H&M. They have inexpensive, yet stylish, baby clothes.
  • Baby Bling Bows: This is where we buy all of Rory’s headbands and bows.
  • Nordstrom (Sale Section): My mom loves browsing the Nordstrom website for their baby sales. We’ve found some amazing pieces at great prices. We especially like their Tucker & Tate jeggings.
  • Amazon: Finn has had a lot of success shopping for baby clothes on Amazon  (especially shoes!) and I try my best to keep our Amazon storefront up to date with Rory’s new clothes.

Finn’s Best Shopping & Clothing TipsFinn's best places to shop for baby clothes

  • Sizing: Sizing can be so different depending on the store. Before you buy a ton of items from one place, buy a few things to figure out your baby’s size.
  • Plan Ahead: Speaking of sizing, it’s always good to have a few bigger sizes waiting in the wings. It sometimes feels like Rory grows overnight and what fit yesterday doesn’t fit today! We always have the next size on hand, just in case.
  • Quality vs. Quantity: I’m not saying you need to spend a ton of money on your baby who grows like a weed but we’ve found that sometimes the super cheap stuff doesn’t last very well. (And eventually, some of it feels like cardboard!) Buy a few nicer basics that will last and last, instead of overstuffing your draws with cheaper clothes. the best places to shop for baby clothes
  • Hand Me Downs: My brother and sister-in-law have given us a lot of clothes from my niece and that has cut down on the need to buy all the things. We especially like getting holiday and novelty items from them, since Rory may only wear those items once or twice.
  • Storage in the Closet: Keep a storage bin in the nursery closet. That way, once your baby outgrows something, you can throw it in the bin instead of in the hamper or back in the drawer. Once it’s full, you can go through it, donate what you don’t want to keep, and store the rest.

How We Keep Rory’s Clothes CleanHow we keep Rory's clothes clean

For the first six months of Rory’s life, she had a bit of reflux and was a big drooler. That has gotten a lot better, but now she is eating real food, which means her clothes get even dirtier than before! No bib or apron can protect her clothes from the onslaught of yogurt, blueberries, and applesauce that happen three times a day in this house. So we knew we needed a laundry detergent that could fight stains and get her cute clothes clean again!

Finding Swash™ Free & Clear

Because we try to use detergents without perfumes, fragrances, or dyes for Rory, Swash™ Free & Clear has become our go-to for Rory’s clothes and bedding.

Swash Free & ClearIt’s also 8x concentrated so you only have to use a small amount of detergent…one bottle can wash 83 regular loads of laundry! Swash™ detergent is great at helping fight stains and, in my experience, it can get rid of the food stains on the sleeves and necklines of Rory’s clothes.Pure linen scent

Swash™ also carries a Pure Linen scent that we use for our own towels and sheets. It smells heavenly with a classic, clean scent.

The Precision Pour is KeyThe precision pour on Swash detergent

Swash™ laundry detergent comes with a Precision Pour Cap. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really known how much laundry detergent to use. In the past, I would just blindly pour some in and call it a day. I never bothered to use the cap…oops! It could have been too much or too little. Who knows?! With this Precision Pour Cap, it dispenses only what you need, so you never have to guess. This prevents overpouring and waste and helps limit residue build-up in the washing machine and on clothes. Swash laundry detergent to keep our clothes clean

To use it, you just flip the bottle upside down and squeeze it into the dispenser or right into the machine if you have a top loader. A small amount will come out and then it automatically stops when it’s done! If you have a big load of laundry you can do two squeezes, but for the most part, we just do the one squeeze. Swash laundry detergent

We buy Swash™ detergent through Amazon, so we’re always stocked (we do a lot of laundry in this household!). And if you remember this blog post, I then clean my washing machine using Swash’s sister brand, affresh® tablets, monthly, to keep it sparkly and looking good. Make sure you use code BUYSWASH20, and you’ll get $1 off your Swash™ purchase! For promo details visit www.swash.com/promo-details. 

Our Happy and Stylish Baby GirlThe best places to shop for baby clothes

Our little girl would probably be happy just hanging in a diaper all day, but we rest easy knowing that the clothes we do put on her body are free of perfumes, fragrances, and dyes. Plus, she is pretty darn cute in that stylish wardrobe of hers! Thanks, Finn for keeping Rory so on trend!


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