Making the Most of our Small City Patio

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Two weeks ago, I showed you guys how I cleaned and stained our small city patio space. It was in major need of some TLC and a new coat of stain got the job done. How to clean and stain a deck

It then stayed empty like this for a couple weeks as I waited for the delivery of our new patio furniture. And honestly, with our bathroom renovation in full force, Finn & I certainly didn’t need an outdoor space tempting us to come out and relax every weekend. As we worked hard tiling away, we kept saying that our reward when completing the bathroom would be lazy nights spent outside on our small city patio. Soaking in the warm air, listening to music, and enjoying some beverages (of course!).

Small city patio makeover with a sofa, coffee table, and chair

Our new furniture has arrived, and it was well worth the wait! I’m more in love with our balcony than ever before.Tips and furniture to decorate a city patio space

New Patio Furniture from Article

Create an outdoor room with a sofa, coffee table, and plants

As you guys know, we don’t have the largest outdoor space in the world. But when you live in the city, anything outside is a luxury. So each summer, I’m determined to make our little triangle-shaped balcony work hard for us and our lifestyle. 

Our old furniture worked well for a couple of summers, but it had seen better days (& it found a new home on my sister’s patio!). After seeing Article’s new outdoor furniture line, I was excited to get some fresh and modern outdoor furniture in our space. Both Bridget & I have loved their furniture inside our homes (like my bench, my leather chair, and her new couch), but I was extra excited to bring that modern look and Article quality to our exterior too!Create an outdoor room with furniture from Article

We kept a very similar layout to what we had before, but I ended up only ordering 1 chair instead of 2. Finn always thought it felt a bit cramped out here (especially by the end of the summer when our plants are in full force!), and I let him “win” the battle of the outdoor furniture layout. And I must say, it does feel a lot roomier out here with just the couch, coffee table, and one chair. Sometimes those husbands know a thing or two about design (hopefully he isn’t reading the blog today, or he may want to make more decor decisions around here…).

Our New Outdoor Couch

Try an outdoor couch with pillows on your balcony

Let’s chat about my favorite piece…our new outdoor couch. When I saw the Arca Driftwood Gray Sofa on Article’s website, I knew it would be perfect for this space. It’s bigger than our old couch, so both Finn & I can hang out on this no problem. Plus, the gray wood and couch cushions are gorgeous. Our old furniture always felt a little too traditional for my taste, but this new couch has straight lines and a simple look. Add outdoor pillows to your sofa for pattern and warmth

It fits perfectly against the wall on our back porch (just the right length!) and it’s incredibly comfortable with that deep seating. I added a few outdoor pillows (that I bought last summer), and boom…it’s the comfiest seat ever.

Teak Coffee Table & Side Table

Teak outdoor furniture for a small city patio

Tables are a must to create a cozy outdoor space (I mean, where else do you put your margarita?) and I’m digging our new coffee table and side table. Both are teak and the wood is absolutely stunning.

Nimbus coffee table from article

Now, let’s talk about something important…teak wood. My mom came over soon after the furniture was delivered and immediately asked how the wood would hold up in the weather. I think she was a little concerned that the Chicago weather would immediately ruin my beautiful new furniture. But here’s the thing, teak is AMAZING outside. It’s naturally weather-resistant and teak is supposed to develop a beautiful silver patina over time. That means it can last for multiple summers. When I read that, I was sold on these pieces for our space. 

Nimbus graphite coffee table from Article

I love the sleek black legs on the Nimbus coffee table. Plus, it’s a good length with our new long sofaTeak is a great outdoor wood because it is weather-resistant

And how about this chunky wood side table (that is actually made from discarded scraps of wood. How cool is that?!)? The Tana stool can act as additional seating, or it’s the best spot to rest a drink when hanging out in the comfy gray chair. Which brings me to…

Gray Lounge Chair

Palm print pillow on this gray outdoor lounger

I think I found the new spot that Finn & I will be fighting over all summer long. This chair may not look like much, but let’s just say it is the best “butt hugger”. You sit in this Bene lounge chair and you automatically sink back and start to relax. It’s kinda like being in a hammock…but in the middle of the city noise! Ha!Gray lounge chair from Article

This chair snuggles up into the corner of our deck and it’s such a cozy little spot.

City Patio Space – Source List

A city patio space gets a makeover

Deck Stain // Outdoor Rug // Gray Sofa // Coffee Table // Gray Lounge Chair // Teak Side Table // Black Lanterns (Target, last summer) // Palm Tree Planter // Small Flower Planters (HomeGoods) // Flower Boxes // Palm Print Pillows // Gray & White Striped Pillow // Striped Pillow // Outdoor Light Fixture // String Lights

Bringing the Look Together

These flower boxes are overflowing with wave petunias

This post is already getting so long with all of the furniture details, so I’m planning to share more details about our plants, our new outdoor lights, and all of the accessories in a post on Thursday. It’s these small additions that really make the space come to life and feel more like an outdoor room! I’ve also gotten a few requests to see this space at night, so I’ll share some pictures of it at dusk with our twinkly lights on soon. It’s truly magical when the sun goes down.Add hanging flower boxes to a city balcony space

Until then, you’ll probably find me sitting in that cozy gray lounge chair typing away on my laptop. Working from home never felt so good.


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