The Break Room – June 2022

The break room no. 1

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about June 2022.

My Recent Buys

June 2022 new top from LOFT
  • I needed a few new tops for summer, so I got this polka dot one and this navy one on sale from LOFT. They’re perfect for summer!
  • I recently teamed up with Boll & Branch for some sponsored content and got this waffle weave duvet cover. I’m such a fan of a textured duvet because it hides wrinkles! This is a really good one and if you want to learn how to put it on easily, check out this hack!
  • Now that our linen cabinet is finished, I was able to get all of my toiletries and supplies out of our basement. My old jewelry cleaner kicked the bucket, so I bought this one. It works so well to get your rings nice and shiny!
  • I upgraded to an iPhone 13 Pro (the camera is so good) and bought my same tortoiseshell phone case but in the new size. I love this thing! I have this pop socket on the back too.
  • With my new healthy eating kick, we’ve been grilling lots of salmon. We use these cedar planks and the salmon is so delicious! It’s really taken Finn’s grilling game up a notch.

Finn Family Faves

Finn and Rory in June 2022
  • Finn
    • As you know, Finn spends his days working in our basement, and to make it a little happier down there, he always has a candle lit. It smells amazing whenever I walk down there! Lately, he has been burning this one and this one. They are a bit masculine, but not overpowering.
    • Whenever I show a picture of Finn on Instagram, I get a DM about his hair (ha!). Many of you even said you’ve screenshotted his haircut to send to your own husbands. He uses this forming cream for those interested.
Rory and her cute dress
  • Rory
    • Our kids’ feet grow like crazy so I’m not usually one to buy them pricey shoes. Finn, on the other hand, is all about a fly sneaker. He just got Rory these kicks and they’re adorable.
    • She got the sweetest dress, as a gift from my mother-in-law, and she is obsessed with it. It’s a comfy, dressy option for any events this summer.
    • One more fun one for Miss Rory…these crayons for the bathtub. She loves drawing on the sides of the bathtub and tile walls.
Ellis in June 2022

The Click List

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Beginner home projects

I’m working on another Playbook-inspired projects post, featuring projects you’ve undertaken using my tutorials! I absolutely loved seeing the projects you guys have done in your own homes and how you’ve put a spin on some of my ideas to make them work for you. If you have your own DIY Playbook-inspired project, I would love to see what you have been up to! Fill out this form to submit your ideas and I’ll include them in the next recap.

Finn Family Updates – June 2022

At the beginning of the month, my mother-in-law came in for a long weekend to spend some time with the kids. It was glorious and the kiddos loved hanging out with their “Kasha.”

Rory's first sleepover

The next weekend, Rory had her very first sleepover with her cousins at Grama’s house! As my mom mentioned back in this blog post, one of her traditions is having her grandkids over for a sleepover every few months. The kids love having the same routine…getting the same food, watching the same movies, making a fort, etc.

Rory's first sleepover

Rory is finally old enough to join in on the fun and she had a blast! She was the last one up and stayed up until 10:30 pm, which is crazy for our 7 pm bedtime girl! She slept on the couch with Grama and was a non-stop chatterbox until she fell sound asleep.

Rory post sleepover
Rory in the morning after the sleepover. My mom sent me this photo and we were dying laughing! She looks like me in college.

She now asks every day when she can have another sleepover at Grama’s where she can “stay up all night!” Ha!

Date night

Finn and I were also able to sneak in a date night while Rory had her sleepover. We hired a babysitter for Ellis and enjoyed dinner and ice cream. It was glorious.

ellis nine months old

Ellis turned nine months old and our little guy is on the move.

He started army crawling and is now getting into all sorts of trouble. You turn your back for one minute and he is suddenly doing something mischievous. The boy is growing like crazy and is now 24 pounds! Lugging him around is quite a workout!

We had a nice Father’s Day weekend for Finn and my dad. We celebrated Finn at home with the kids, and then the next day, we visited my dad at his house in Beverly Shores, Indiana. He just got a boat, so we went out on it for a few hours.

The weather was perfect! Rory was a tad nervous at first (her first time boating!), but Ellis had a blast the entire time.

Last weekend, I was supposed to drive to Kansas City with my mom and the kids to visit family. Unfortunately, a few of the family members we were visiting got Covid, so we had to cancel. It was such a bummer, but hopefully, we can all get together soon.

Rory ready for a fun July!

Tomorrow, I’m heading out of town for a long weekend with my family. We’re visiting my sister-in-law’s farm in Wisconsin. It’s a gorgeous property and I’ll be sure to share some behind-the-scenes of our trip on Instagram.


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