Winter Video 2017

Bridget overlooking the Chicago River at dusk.

Spring is officially here, although the Chicago weather would say otherwise. But after our incredibly mild winter, you won’t find either of us complaining about slightly chilly temps (except for that 1 snowstorm we had last week…but we’ll give it a pass this time)

Casey overlooking the Chicago River from the bridge.

Every few months we like releasing a little video montage of what we’ve been up to over the past few months. It’s almost like a video scrapbook of all of the fun stuff we’ve done together, the places we’ve seen, and the updates in our homes. We always mean to get video whenever we’re DIY’ing or blogging together, but we somehow always seem to forget! Without fail we’ll be packing up for the day and look at each other like…dang it, we didn’t get any video! 

Here are our past videos if you want to catch up…

View of the Chicago River at dusk.

Today we’re back with our Winter 2017 video. We were fully expecting that this video would be chock full of snow scenes and chilly brisk days, but as mentioned we had a long stretch of no snow here in Chicago! Instead you’ll see some beach scenes (from our Mexico trip), shots of us looking freaked out before our home show presentation, and then footage from around our favorite city.

Winter Video 2017

We hope you enjoy this little snapshot of our last few months. Let’s just say we’re eager for warm spring days ahead, so we can finally ditch all of the layers and have some fun outside of the house.


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