Bedding 101: How We Wash our Bedding

I absolutely love our bed. It’s incredibly comfortable and I adore our soft sheets and warm, textured duvet. I try my best to remember to wash our bedding frequently, but I’m human and I sometimes let a little too much time go by in between washings.

The master bed- with freshly washed bedding!

Our Cleaning Routine

When it comes to our bedding I have different routines for all of the various bedding components. I try to wash the sheets and pillowcases every week (usually on Sundays). I then wash the duvet cover about once a month. And finally, I only wash the down comforter insert about once per year. I’m sure there are hard rules on when to wash these items, but this is what works for our household and I’m sticking to it.

Our new Maytag appliances made laundering the bedding a breeze!

Washing the big queen-sized down comforter in our old washer and dryer wasn’t a great experience. It would get tangled up around the drum and it wouldn’t rinse completely. Which meant I was left with a big sopping wet comforter that would take hours of drying. Literally hours!

Does anyone really like laundry? We can make it almost fun!

I recently washed our down comforter in our new Maytag appliances for the first time, and I’m happy to report that it went off without a hitch. No need to go to the laundromat or dry cleaners…these babies can actually hold the large comforter!

How to Wash Your Duvet Cover

I typically wash the duvet cover and the insert separately. However, I use warm (not hot) water for both, as well as mild detergent. There’s actually a “bedding” setting right on the washing machine, so I always just choose that and it works perfectly. You’ll also want to check the tags on your bedding before washing at home, as some require dry cleaning.

The washer is spacious and has so many settings
It even comes with a bedding setting!
Now it's time to reassemble everything

When it comes to drying the down comforter, make sure it’s incredibly dry before you put it back on the bed. Sometimes the feathers in there can clump up together and stay wet, so extra dry time is a must. In this large capacity dryer, there is plenty of room to get our bedding evenly dried! I didn’t have to play the game of drying it, moving everything around to expose the wet spots, and putting it back in for more time. Now onto the tricky part…putting the duvet cover back on the down comforter. I know there are many methods out there (I’ve heard of a burrito technique…), but this is my go-to way that is incredibly simple.

The Easy Way to Put on a Duvet Cover

The hardest part is putting the cover back on the duvet

Step 1: Flip the duvet cover inside out on the bed

First, lay the duvet on the cover

Step 2: Place the down comforter directly over the duvet cover

First, tie the corners of your duvet

Step 3: Tie the comforter to the duvet cover in all 4 corners (many covers these days come with ties, which makes it much easier!

Flip the duvet inside out once all the corners are tied

Step 4: Go to the opening on the duvet cover. Reach inside until you get to the farthest 2 corners. Pull those 2 corners through the opening. Essentially you’re turning it from inside out to the right side.

Button or zipper your duvet cover when you're done

Step 5: Button or zipper your duvet coverStep 6: Shake your cover well so there are no lumps and it is evenly distributed!

Shake out the duvet and make your bed
The master bedroom is back to normal and ready for a good night's sleep

This method creates a great non-lumpy look every.single.time. Now I’d love to hear, how often do you wash your bedding? Does my weekly, monthly, yearly routine sound sanitary enough? On second thought….maybe don’t answer that! Ha!


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