How to Fix Nail Holes in your Wall

Now that I finally shared the beans on our new home, I’m in full on MOVING MODE! Cue the hyperventilating, mile-long to-do list, and chaos of trying to pack while still living in a tiny space. Eek.It's moving time! As we prepare to move, we've got some nail holes to fix! Here's a great guide on how to fix nail holes in the walls when you're movin' out!

Besides packing up boxes, we also have a few maintenance issues to attend to in our rental. And by maintenance I mean we need to make our walls look smooth, fresh, and gallery wall free. Because right now they’re full of frames and art…

Casey's living room was comfy and cool - but look at all that art on the walls! If you need to learn how to fix nail holes in the wall, check out this easy DIY tutorial.

As I mentioned in my “How to Decorate a Rental” post I’m all about making holes in those walls to truly make a space your own. Don’t be afraid of nail holes my friends. It’s well worth it to create a cozy, personalized home and spend some extra time before move-out fixing tiny nail holes.

How to Fix Nail Holes

Today I’m going to prove to you just how to fix nails holes and make them disappear!

Here’s what you’ll need…

DIY Supplies to Fix Nail HolesHow to fix nail holes in your walls: To start, you need these materials; some paint and spackling paste.

Steps to Fix Nail Holes

The first step to fixing nail holes in the walls is to take the nail out carefully, with a hammer or with your fingers.1. Take down your wall art and remove the nail. You may be able to do this with your fingers if not a hammer should work.

Time to fix this pesky nail hole!how to fix nail holes in the wall: get some spackle on a spackling spatula and get ready to spackle!

2. Now you’re left with an itty bitty nail hole that needs to be filled. Instead of taking a ton of spackle and smothering it all over this tiny hole (like most people do) just take a very small amount and put it on the end of your putty knife. You can even take some on your finger if you don’t have a putty knife on hand.

Spread a small amount of spackle over the nail hole in the wall and smooth it out.

3. Fill the hole with spackle. Again, don’t coat the wall with tons of it. Instead, just try to fill the hole. You can then wipe away any excess with your finger or a paper towel. Smooth the spackle over the nail hole in the wall and let dry for an hour.4. Make sure your wall is smooth and the hole is filled all the way in with spackle. Let your spackle dry for an hour or so. You can simply go around your place and fill up all the nail holes and then by the time you come back around it should be good & dry!

Touch up the paint over the nail hole in the wall with a small detailing paint brush.

5. Now take a small paint brush and dab it over the area. You can also put some paint on a paper towel and “feather” the paint out around the hole. That way it will blend into the wall a bit better.You've just learned how to fix nail holes in the wall! It's gone!

6. Let the paint dry and you should be good to go!

How to fix nail holes in your walls

Can you see the nail holes? I sure hope not! See, that wasn’t so scary after all! Whether you’re moving out or not, you can easily fix a few nail holes around your home yourself!


Have a bigger hole? Here’s how to patch a large hole in your wall.


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