The Break Room No. 23

The break room no. 1Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about June 2021.

My Recent Buys

  • With the warm weather, we’ve been going on lots of walks around the neighborhood. Usually, I just stash my credit card, phone, mask, etc. in the stroller. But if we’re taking Rory’s push car, there isn’t space for any of that. I just got this belt bag from Lululemon and I love it! Everything is right at hand when I need it. I’ve been wearing it as a crossbody bag (since my belly is too big!) and it works great. It may be a fanny pack, but I swear it’s fashionable!Sharing a purchase from June 2021, my new bedroom artwork
  • I had a gift card to Anthropologie burning a hole in my pocket, so I finally used it to buy this pretty piece of art for over my nightstand. I adore the gold frame and the moody picture works perfectly in here. What I packed for our Scottsdale babymoon
  • Right before our Scottsdale trip, I bought some new heeled sandals for summer. I find that I usually have to buy a new pair every year and my go-to used to be Sole Society, but they’re now gone and under the DSW wing. I ended up finding this pair from DSW  and they’re great. (They are not from Sole Society, but they have a similar look.) They are comfortable, yet cute.
  • If I ever show my face with makeup on Instagram, I often get questions about my mascara. First, I have pretty naturally long eyelashes. But after having Rory, I found that they were looking kinda stubby. I got this eyelash serum and wow, it really works. I’ve stopped using it since finding out I’m pregnant – can’t wait to start it back up in the fall – and switched to this mascara to bring me some length. It’s a good one!May 2021 our babymoon trip to Scottsdale
  • During our Scottsdale trip, I showed some pictures of me reading my Kindle by the pool. It’s so funny how many messages I received asking if I have the original Kindle…it’s that old! I’ve had it for freakin’ ever and it never really occurred to me that it might be nice to upgrade to a newer version. Finn surprised me with a new Kindle Oasis and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s so much smaller, it’s easy to download books, and it has a touchscreen. I was kinda blown away by the new technology. (I know, sounds like I’ve been living under a rock!)

Finn’s FavoritesJune 2021 - Family trip to fredericksburg, Texas

The Click List

Spring Video 2021Casey and Rory

Now that it’s officially summer, I wanted to share our spring video from the past three months. I try to capture our day-to-day lives so I have a little video scrapbook of all of our home projects and the everyday moments around here. You can watch it below or over on YouTube here.

Even though we went on two trips during the spring, to Arizona & Texas, I somehow forgot to get any video while we were away. It just shows that I was having too good of a time to whip my camera out!

Finn Family Updates – June 2021do more of what makes you happy - june 2021

In last month’s Break Room post, I shared an opening for a Virtual Assistant for the Playbook. Wow, I was blown away by the submissions from so many qualified candidates all over the world! I’ve gotta say, my readership is made up of some really smart badass women. It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down, but I’m happy to report that I found an amazing fit with a woman named Lindsey. She gets started next month and I’m really looking forward to having more backend support around here. Welcome, Lindsey!

Our first flight with RoryA few weeks ago, we headed out for our first trip with Rory to visit Finn’s family in Texas. I’m not gonna lie, we were terrified about our first flights with Rory, but she was a champ. Our game plan was to try to get her to nap for most of the short two and a half hour flight and she did great. Rory's first airplane flightWe put her in her sleep sack, popped a binky in her mouth, and had her blanket right there for cuddles. I’d say she slept for about half the flight each way and then hopped from each of our laps during the flight.

We rented a big house in Fredericksburg, Texas, and enjoyed hot days by the pool and wandering around the cute town.

June 2021 - Family trip to fredericksburg, Texas

Really, it was all about being together and having his family members meet Rory for the first time!

I’m so happy we were able to squeeze this trip in before our baby boy arrives in a few months.

Speaking of our baby boy, here are more bump pictures from this past month (weeks 19-23). My body is growing and so is our boy! He is measuring pretty big, so I think we’re going to have a tall little man on our hands.Our backyard renovation progress

As you saw from this post last week, we’re still chucking away at our backyard. My hope was that it would all be done by now, but materials have been delayed, so we’re still finishing up those last-minute touches. My goal is to have a preliminary reveal for you in July and then we’ll get to work adding our own DIY touches, like planter box, lights, etc. It’s definitely a work in progress, but an exciting one!


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