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Finn is the data head around here. He loves looking at analytics, tracking financial growth, and seeing how far the business has come over the last almost eight years. While I’m not really into all that, there is one thing I do like – tracking! Tracking the home stuff that you guys respond to! When I link items, I’m able to track how many people clicked the link and how many people actually bought the item. It’s valuable information because I can then share things that you’ll actually like and want to see and maybe even buy.Tips for shelf styling in your home

I recently dove into the analytics to check the top home decor items that you’ve been loving this year. It’s no shock to me that most of these items are things that we have in our home because those are the things that I’m constantly sharing with all of you. You can be assured that if we own it and it’s a part of our house, then we definitely love it. Here are the top 10 home decor items from this year.

Our Living Room RugHow we incorporate baby storage into our living room

I wasn’t surprised that this item stole the #1 slot because I get questions about this rug all.the.time. I have the olive/charcoal color in a 9×12 and I use this rug pad underneath. The rug is very soft and the color is true to what you see in my photos. This rug has been seeing so much action lately because this is where we sit and play with Rory. It has survived a lot of spit-ups and hides everything!! It is a great family room rug, indeed.

Thin Black FramesGallery wall

The next most popular item is this thin black frame from Michaels. I have these frames all around my house in various spots, but they’re most recognizable in my mom’s symmetrical gallery wall. The best news is these frames are so incredibly budget-friendly. You can buy them from Michaels online, or in the store, but always wait for a sale. They often have their frames on sale so you can scoop up a bunch all at once. I use the large size with the 8×10 picture opening.

Neutral CouchEnjoying our neutral couch in the living room

We bought our Lounge II Petite sofa about a year ago and we still love it. We sit on it every single day and it’s still the comfiest spot in the house. Yes, it’s a cream color –  called “Winward Sand “- and we have a baby, but trust me when I say that this sofa cleans up like a dream. We opted for the super durable fabric (more details in this blog post) and it’s easy to spot treat if anything gets on it – spit-up, wine, chocolate, food… It has seen it all and it still looks great. I also use this fabric defuzzer to keep it looking good and pill-free.

Gold Light Fixturenew light fixture in the bathroom

This is a newer item, as I just added this gold light fixture to our basement bathroom. Swapping out a “boob” light in your home for a pretty one like this is incredibly easy and makes a big difference. The price point on this gold light can’t be beat and I love the warmth it adds to our basement bathroom.

Tasseled Nightstandsdark green guest room reveal

This is actually an item that I don’t own, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love it! These are the nightstands in my brother’s guest bedroom. I helped him with this space in Spring, 2019 and the makeover is still super popular all over Pinterest and the internet. And I can see why – the room is drop-dead gorgeous!Nightstand accessories

We opted for these nightstands from Anthropologie and the light wood color is fantastic. Plus, it has a bit of open and closed storage for the best of both worlds. I highly recommend these babies.

Olive Green CurtainsWindow shades rolled all the way up

Adding curtains to our living room was a total gamechanger. We never close them because we have solar shades that we draw closed at night. Instead, the curtains just add warmth and color to the room. I look around and can’t imagine the room without them. I ended up needing a lot  – I think I bought 10 panels total –  but it was well worth it. I paired them with these gold curtain rods for an elegant look.

Beaded Light FixtureOur baby girl's nursery reveal

In Rory’s nursery, you’ll find this gorgeous beaded chandelier. I originally wanted another one that was five times the cost, but I “settled” on this one. I don’t actually think I ended up settling because I love this one so much. It emits a soft glow at night when we’re getting our girl in her jammies for bed. It is such a pretty, and affordable, statement piece!

Finn’s DeskTips to create a work from home setup in the basement

When Finn started working from home, I shared his new office setup in the basement in this blog post. He found just about everything on Amazon, including his L-shaped desk. He has a lot of room with this setup and he didn’t have to spend a ton of money on the desk. You can find links for his entire basement office in this blog post.

Kitchen StoolsOur leather kitchen stools

I bought these faux leather kitchen stools last year, thinking I would replace them when we renovated our kitchen. Well, these are actually sticking around and I’m incorporating them into the new space. I love them that much! They were a budget-friendly, Target find and I love the warmth that the brown brings to any room. We used to have fabric stools that got really dirty and these are much better because we can wipe them down. I can’t wait to see these stools in our new kitchen.

Soy CandleAmazon handmade items for my bathroom shelves

I recently started doing a lot of shopping at Amazon Handmade and I’ve added a few soy candles from this shop to my cart. I have this spa day scent in our bathroom and just scooped up this scent for fall. They also have some festive winter and Christmas scents that I’ll probably get as well!

Top 10 Home Decor Items

And here’s a final list of those top home decor items.

  1. Living Room Rug
  2. Black Frames
  3. Our Couch
  4. Gold Bathroom Light Fixture
  5. Tasseled Nightstands
  6. Olive Green Curtains
  7. Beaded Chandelier
  8. Finn’s Desk
  9. Kitchen Stools
  10. Soy Candle

Are there any surprises on this list, or any other items you think should have made the cut? Let me know in the comments below.


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