9 Tips for Shopping at HomeGoods

It’s no secret that we are both big HomeGoods lovers. We shop there for just about everything…planters, pillows, bedding, even wrapping paper! The prices are usually spot on and we love how the inventory is constantly changing so you never know what you’re going to find.

Everyone's favorite spot- HomeGoodsThere is actually a HomeGoods about a block from Bridget’s house, so we often take walks up there when we’re together to do some shopping! While we love digging through the aisles for “treasures”, we also realize that this store can be super overwhelming for shoppers. Luckily we’ve learned some tricks over the years to make the most of your time at the store.

Here are 9 tips to make the most of your next shopping trip to HomeGoods.

Shopping at HomeGoods1. Make a ListFirst- make a list, know exactly what you're hunting for

We’ve got a list for just about every aspect of our lives, and home decor shopping is no exception. We each keep a list of items that we need for our homes right on the notes in our phones. Taking inventory of what you need and keeping that list in one spot has been a game changer for us both. This makes shopping so much more efficient and strategic. Plus you only leave with what you need and don’t fill your cart with items that won’t have a good spot when you bring them into your home.

2. Carve Out Time to Shop

Next, make sure you have ample time to hunt and shop

Shopping is a time investment, and rushing the process often results in design regret. Give yourself a chunk of time so you can really enjoy the shopping trip and see everything you want to see.
Be ready to hunt in every aisle

The local HomeGoods by Bridget is massive, and we don’t want to miss any new items that might be on display. So carving out a chunk of time to explore is your best bet.

Shopping together always makes things fun too! Nothing like having a buddy to reinforce your purchase decision.

Bring a friend- shopping is always better with a buddy

We also recommend going first thing in the morning if you can. It’s typically less crowded right when the doors open, and displays are still looking fresh and put together. Plus you’ll be able to zip right through the store and checkout when there are fewer people shopping. Save time, beat the crowds, and leave with some awesome items…sounds like a gameplan!

3. Have Dimensions NotedBe sure to know your dimensions- measurements matter!

Remember tip #1? Well we want to expand that a bit. If you have specific size requirements for pieces make sure to jot it down in your notes folder. That way you’re purchasing the right items and you’re not questioning whether a piece will fit in your home.

Double check an item before you buy

We both keep mini tape measures in our purses (nerds all the way), but HomeGoods actually has little paper yard sticks throughout the store that you can use to measure pieces! This is so helpful to make sure you’re only buying items that will work in your house.

4. Go from One End to the Other

Have a good strategy for shopping- don't skip any aisles

You might be tempted to jump from the pillow aisle, to the lighting section, and then to the clearance area. But we suggest hitting up one end of the store to the other so you don’t miss anything.
Fill that cart to the brim- so many amazing options

Often times items may be intermixed on clearance racks, so if you’re looking for a pillow you might miss some good deals if you only check out the pillow aisle. Go from one end of the store to the other and you’ll be able to see everything!

5. Stay Focused

Don't get distracted- stay on task for your home goods, not fashion

Often times HomeGoods stores will also be a Marshall’s or a TJMaxx and it can be tempting to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and get your home & clothing shopping done all at once. We urge you to focus on one or the other. This will make your shopping trip less overwhelming and much more fruitful. So it’s fine to shop for home decor and clothing at these stores…just not at the same time!

6. Avoid Themes

Try to stick with classic items, not the themes

Early on in our blogging career, we were very guilty of taking themes a bit too far. Anyone remember Bridget’s house when it was chock full of nautical pieces? While some of these items are perfect, it’s probably not a good idea to buy everything from a theme you can get your hands on. That’s a bit overkill. Instead, choose a few of your favorite items and mix them in with other pieces throughout your home for a more refined and subdued look.

7. Check out the Clearance Area

Give the clearance a shot- you can find some great items buried in thereThe prices at HomeGoods are usually competitive, but it’s those clearance items where you can really get the most bang for your buck!

Like this amazing find!

Look for the red clearance signs and tags on specific pieces to find the best deals. Also, the corners of the store often have the clearance racks so don’t forget to check out those areas. And usually, each corner has a clearance section so make sure you check out all of them! You may have to do some digging, but we’ve both found some amazing deals on clearance at HomeGoods.

But remember, don’t buy just to buy. Only bring home items that you love. We find that a good way to check in with ourselves is to ask ourselves if we would have paid full price for the item. If the answer is no, then we don’t love it enough to bring it home with us. So while deals are amazing, make sure you’re purchasing for the right reasons. <– and now it sounds like an episode of the Bachelor. “I’m here for the right reasons….”

8. Bring it Home to Try it on for Size

There have been plenty of times when we’ve loved an item in the store, only to find that it’s just not the perfect fit when it comes home with us. That’s a-okay!

Don't worry- if you get it home and don't love it, return it!

Keep the tags on, save those receipts, and don’t be afraid to return items. HomeGoods is really great about returning items for your money back with a receipt. But if you’ve lost your receipt, don’t be afraid to take back the item. Although you won’t get cash back, HomeGoods is really great about giving store credit!

9. Don’t Force it, Be Patient

Be patient- sometimes finding the perfect piece takes time

Because items at HomeGoods are constantly changing, it can be tempting to want to scoop up everything you kinda like just in case it’s gone by your next visit.
Visit often, and don't be afraid to leave an item behind if you don't love it

But again, don’t buy just to buy. Be patient and wait for the perfect item. Because their items are constantly changing, there’s bound to be something even better the next time around. So avoid design regret and be patient and intentional when shopping!

We love a good deal and we love home decor, so a place like HomeGoods is our happy place. We hope these tips will help make your shopping experience a little less overwhelming, and a lot more enjoyable!



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