An Unexpected Life Lesson from Blogging

Since we’ve started the blog 3 years ago, we have definitely learned a lot. We’ve learned a little about the back end of a website, a little about photography and HTML, a little about each other, a little more about ourselves, about blogging, about internet, about an LLC… things we could have never imagined we’d care about are now ironically a part of our everyday vocabulary. Out of that crazy list of things, the most powerful thing we have learned is a lesson on SUPPORT. Allow us to explain.

diy_playbook_3_birthday-004Since starting the blog, we’ve had people in our lives who have not supported us (not even a little) and we’ve had people in our lives who show us an overwhelming amount of UNCONDITIONAL support. We choose to focus on the latter… today and everyday.

There are these specific people in our lives (some very close to us and some more distant friends/family/even acquaintances) that have cheered us on, asked about the blog’s progress, and are ALWAYS excited to celebrate our mini milestones on the blog. Since day one these special people have shown a genuine interest for what we do and are always excited to chat about the DIY Playbook. These individuals are truly happy for us as we follow our passion– no jealousy, no negativity, no judgement. In the beginning, we were of course flattered and so grateful for this support. But over time our feelings started to shift. We sat back in awe that even years later, these individuals in our lives are STILL supportive, STILL excited, and STILL complimentary towards anything we do.

Of course we are beyond grateful for this support, but we eventually realized that we don’t just appreciate these people… but we actually admire them. As they sit back, read the blog, and claim we are teaching them a few tips & tricks along the way, they really have no clue that all this time they are the ones teaching us.


They probably also have no idea that we discuss them (to each other) all.the.time. Seriously, this topic is one that constantly comes up when we are together because we have such admiration for their ability to always be supportive without expecting anything in return, without being negative, without gossiping, or without feeling competitive or jealous.

birthday_casey_balloons_3-010These individuals have caused us to reflect on our own habits, specifically before starting the blog. Were we supportive of others chasing their happiness before we had the blog? Did we ask how their (insert dream here) was going consistently? Did we genuinely care? Did we like their page on Facebook when they invited us to? Were we willing to stand up and root for them as they found success? We definitely weren’t as good as we could have been and now work A LOT harder to show support to others as they chase their passions (because let’s face it, putting yourself out there to potentially fail is s-c-a-r-y and a little extra support can’t hurt)

For those special people in our lives who have been the DIY Playbook’s biggest fans from day one (you’re so humble you probably don’t even know who you are!), we admire you, we thank you, and most importantly, we can never repay you for the life lesson you have taught us about showing GENUINE support for other people’s happiness and success.

birthday_bridget_cupcake_3_happyThank you for teaching us the most important lesson we have learned throughout our 3 years of blogging so far. Because of you…. we have A LOT to celebrate!! =)diy_playbook_3_birthday-002

We love you


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