Your Favorite Winter Reads Right Now

A few weeks ago, I asked you guys for some fresh reading recommendations on Insta Stories. And, as always, you delivered! I know you guys loved it when I shared this big list of summer reads, so I figured I’d share all of your winter reads too.

Our Readers Share Their Favorite Winter Readsbest winter reads 2019

There were some repeats from the list I shared in August, but if I got a lot of recommendations for it I included on here again. I tried to group them so the list wouldn’t be too overwhelming (although this list is soooo long!). I also included any tidbits (in quotes) that you guys shared about those titles.Stacked books

Let’s start with books that had multiple recommendations from you guys!

Most Recommended Books

Other Books You Guys LovedStack of books on the nightstand

Books I’ve Read LatelyChasing Slow Book

  • Chasing Slow – I told you guys about this book in last month’s Happy Hour post and it’s a good one. It’s non-fiction, but she has such a way with words and is an amazing storyteller. It’s also a good coffee table book (love the black spine for decorating!).
  • The Couple Next DoorI read this book on the flight home from Quebec and devoured it on the plane ride. Holy smokes, it was good. A quick and thrilling book.the couple next door book
  • The Universe Has Your Back – I already talked about this book in depth in this blog post, but let me just say this has really helped me to reshape my thinking about the future and getting through each day with a little less fear.
  • Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – I read this book during the fall season based on your recommendations and I can see why so many of you loved it.
  • Becoming – I’ve always been a big Michelle Obama fan, but this took my love to a whole new level. This was a long read, but I enjoyed reading every single page. So amazing to see the accomplishments of such an intelligent woman from such a humble background (and from Chicago). Plus, love that she shared her own infertility struggle in there (yeah, girl!). And learning some of the fun facts about The White House was so fascinating (like they get a monthly bill for items like toilet paper and toothpaste…crazy!). Readers have also recommended this as an audiobook because Michelle narrates it herself!

My Favorite Way to UnwindDIY bath tray

Winter = bath life for me. I know some people are not big into baths (the whole laying in your own filth thing), but it’s my absolute favorite way to unwind on a cold day! And I like them super duper hot. Colleen rothschild face maskBefore I hop in, I’ll often put on a face mask (I love this one for a great deep clean) and let it dry as I bathe away.Reading and wine in the bath tub

Glass of kombucha

During the week, I’ll often hop into a bath and read for 30 minutes with a glass of kombucha. I try my best to not drink alcohol during the week, so kombucha in a wine glass is my healthy substitute. ha! My DIY bathtub tray also comes in handy to corral all of my goodies.Taking a bath in winter

The only bad part about my super hot baths is that my skin can get pretty dry from all that soaking. I’ll slather on coconut oil before slipping on my favorite pajamas to combat the dryness.

Getting my body temperature nice and hot before hopping into pajamas at bedtime ensures that I sleep soundly!Books on the nightstand at bedtime

Now I would love to know…are you a bath taker? And if I missed a good book please add more of your fave winter reads in the comments below!


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