Using Less Water by Adding a Dual Flush Toilet

Since refreshing my bathroom last year I haven’t really changed anything in this small space.  And I’m happy to report that I still love the look of our only bathroom, especially knowing that this refresh was very affordable and is still holding up strong!bathroom_Shiplap_Round_Mirror-2

But now that I have a little time on my hands, thanks to summer vacation, I decided to make a tiny upgrade in the bathroom that’s been on my radar for a while. This 25-minute project is one that our guests will probably never notice, but one that can make our home a little less wasteful… while saving us a little money along the way! This project? Installing a dual flush system.

What Is a Dual Flush System?bathroom_Dual_flush_Installation_Zillow-19

For those who may not be familiar with what a dual flush kit is, allow me to explain. This is a kit you can buy at any large hardware store (for about $25) that you install in the tank of your toilet. Cosmetically your toilet will look the exact same, but the dual flush option allows you to choose how much water the toilet uses based on what you are flushing down.

You push up on the handle for liquid waste and down on the handle for solid. Whichever way you push the handle will dictate how much water the toilet will use during that flush. Being able to choose what “type of flush” your toilet uses allows you to save water (and money!).

How Do You Install a Dual Flush System?bathroom_Dual_flush_Installation_Zillow-2

Casey has installed a dual flush on all of her toilets in both her current condo and her former apartment. She insists that it’s an easy project, which is why I was excited to finally check this off my to-do list once and for all.

Fast forward through the actual project and I’m happy to report that she was right! Replacing everything in my toilet’s tank with the dual flush kit took me about 25 minutes. This kit cost me about $24 and the box says that it can save me up to $120 in water usage over the course of a year. I’ll keep you guys updated if I see a significant difference in our water bill. But honestly, even if I don’t save a ton of money, I’m happy to decrease our waste on water just a tad.


If you’re looking to add a dual flush into your bathroom, you can check out this detailed tutorial for more details. Each kit may be slightly different so you can also tackle this project by using the detailed directions that come in each package. bathroom_Shiplap_Round_MirrorHere’s a picture of the new handle. Guests would never notice a difference because the new handle is almost identical to the old one. bathroom_Shiplap_Round_Mirror-3

The bathroom overall still looks pretty much the same since the last time I checked in, but this tiny DIY project is one that has been a welcome addition! There’s not much more on our to-do list in here but I will definitely keep you guys updated if anything pops up!


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