Video: Painting Tips & Tricks

Remember back when we painted Casey’s guest room a deep dark navy?? Here’s a little refresher of the space for ya…View More:

We’re still in love with the bold color and have no regrets about going dark in this space! However we do regret that we created a fun little DIY video when painting and totally forgot to share it right here on the blog! #brainfart

valspar-paintSo today we’re going to give you a little blast from the past, with a quick video highlighting some painting tips & tricks.

Video: Painting Tips & Tricks

Painting Tip #1: When you close up the paint can, always use a rag and a hammer! This will prevent little bits of wet paint from flying out of the lid and splattering the ground around you. Instead place the rag on top of the can and hammer away! Seriously a lifesaver when it comes time to cleanup.

Painting Tip #2: Be sure to baggie up all of the outlet covers, switch covers, and wall plates when you paint a space. Labeling each ziploc bag is a great idea too so you can stay extra organized! It’s the worst to finish up a room and then have to search for all of the missing screws that go along with your wall plate covers.

changing_electrical_light_switch-9Speaking of outlets & switches, we recently shared an in-depth tutorial on how to change out your light switches all by yourself (no electrician required!) over on the Zillow blog. Bridget shared a few rookie tips when she DIY’ed the switch in her mini mudroom in this post, but this tutorial is much more in-depth and it walks you through each and every step. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking to change any outlets or switches in your home.


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