Vine Video Reveal with Lowe’s Home Improvement

Happy Friday everyone! Today we’re back with the rest of the Vine Videos from our #LowesFixInSix trip to NYC. We told you all about our vacay to the East coast, and then we were back with all of the scoop from the Vine video we helped create.

Here’s the spooky end product. That doll is still freakin’ us out!

Our Vine Video Reveal

videovine Today we wanted to share the other 7 videos from some of the bloggers on board. It really was amazing to see how all of these came to life in just SIX SECONDS. Hours and hours of manpower and talent to create such short videos…craziness.

Bright, Bold & Beautiful IMG_4214Germ sheetgermsVine germsGermsOur friend Laura’s tip was to microwave a sponge to kill bacteria. The video team added their creative genius to the idea with these funny lil’ bacteria characters. They look tiny in the actual video, but they were actually fairly large and extremely detailed. We especially love the fake microwave setup.

Old Town Home & The Design Confidential

These two tips were also brought to life with a bit of comedy thrown in there. We even had a real dog and cat on-set to bring the scratched hardwood floor tip to life!

Emma Magazine pumpkinOur friend Sarah had another Halloween themed Vine video. This one is pure genius…use a cookie cutter to carve the perfect pumpkin! So simple..yet so useful. We had never heard of that one before. This tip was the most time intensive for the crew, because they had to get the pumpkin to “spin” perfectly. We think it turned out pretty amazing.

These next three tips were all “new-to-us” as well. They’re amazing home hacks that can really help simplify small house problems.

Emily A. Clark

Charles & Hudson

The Ugly Duckling House

Not only did we have a wonderful time working on our #LowesFixInSix Vine video, but we thoroughly enjoyed the behind-the-scenes peek into the creation of the other videos. So much creativity, determination, and talent went into creating a total 48 seconds of content!


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