Where To Buy Vintage Rugs Online

Last month, I was on the hunt for a vintage rug for my kitchen and did lots of research to figure out where to buy a vintage rug for this space. I asked you guys for your insight and was blown away by your expertise. And thanks to your feedback, I was able to not only find a vintage rug that I love but also discovered A LOT more places to buy these gorgeous rugs.

I shared a “master list” of the places you recommended on our insta Story shortly after I received your feedback, but thought I’d also share a more detailed round-up here on the blog as a reference for anyone who may be looking now… or even in the future.

And if you need rug help in general, this post outlines “rug rules” along with other spots where we regularly buy these home staples.

where to buy vintage rugs online

Recommended Places To Buy Vintage Rugs

This is the list you all shared with me, and this is also the list I used to find the winning vintage rug for our kitchen! If you have other suggestions, please drop them in the comments so I can add to this list. My goal is to keep this list as up-to-date as possible so you can easily reference it if you ever find yourself on the hunt for one of these one-of-a-kind treasures!

Price Points

But outside of sharing this list of places to shop, I also wanted to share with you the eBay shop that I discovered through this hunt. Actually, I don’t want to share it with you, I NEED to share it with you!

vintage rugs onlineReal Talk: Vintage rugs are expensive! Like really, really, really expensive. I get it, they are hand-woven, high-quality, and one-of-a-kind. I understand the hefty price-tag, but I still can’t get myself to pull the trigger on 99.9% of these gorgeous rugs because of those dang prices. They’re just SO much money!!

where to buy quality vintage rugs onlineSo when I set out to find the vintage runner for my kitchen, I found so many I loved but again, 99.9% of them were way outside what I was willing to pay for a rug… in the kitchen (!!) of all places. Spilling sauce on a thousand dollar runner?! I’d be sick about it… forever. To me, that will never be worth it.

There’s HOPE To Buy Affordable Vintage Rugs!

But then I stumbled upon THIS EBAY SELLER, which I need to share in all caps. So far, it’s the ONLY vendor I found that has rugs that were actually within my price range.

bright vintage runner and where to buy itI scored my vintage runner for $147 (!!!!), which was significantly less than the other gorgeous but $500-$800 options. Heck, some of the regular runners online are upwards of $150 so to get a super high-quality one for the same price?! Yes, please!

Other Vintage Rugs I Loved

I don’t really have a need for another vintage rug at this moment, but I wanted to share some of the more affordable options that are currently on sale that caught my eye from this shop. Because of this shop, I’m a lot more open-minded to buying more of these over the years. Now that I know that they can be a lot more affordable than any others I’ve ever seen.

Again, I get it… these are not CHEAP but they’re far more reasonable. I’m never going to drop several thousands of dollars on a rug. BUT, I am okay dropping several hundred for a quality rug that I will have for a long time. I love an inexpensive rug too, but if you are looking to elevate your rug game (without totally breaking the bank), I wanted to give you this shop’s info. (FYI: Their service was super fast and easy too… I had my rug in like 3 days).

vintage rugs in the kitchenAnd no, we have no affiliation with this shop. We just can’t believe some of the prices and wanted to spread the word!


P.S. If you find any other reasonably priced vintage rug shops, you HAVE to let me know so I can add them to the list! You know we’re all about a good deal around here.

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