2 Easy Ways to Display Christmas Cards

Call us dorky, but one of our favorite parts of the holiday season is receiving Christmas cards from all of our friends and family. There’s just something AWESOME about working a long day, coming home to check the mailbox and finding more than just bills or junk mail among the stack of paperwork. Does it mean we are officially “boring adults” when the highlight of our day throughout December is checking our mail? IMG_6904Either way, we love opening those envelopes of cheer and enjoy displaying our Christmas cards in our homes for guests to look at when they come over. There are TONS of ways to collect these cards, and we each took a slightly different approach this year (both of which are different from last year’s card display.) Up first to show off her Christmas card collection — Miss Bridget.

Christmas Card Display – Chicken Wire Frame

Remember this stocking display from my Christmas Home Tour? Now that it isn’t November anymore (cough, cough… when I photographed my home tour), I have finally received lots of gorgeous snail mail to display.
Christmas Cards

I bought the chicken wire frame from HomeGoods for $19.99 and simply clothes pinned each of the stockings onto the wire. Then I used mini clothespins to pin the cards onto the wire. It’s so easy and totally worth the $20 price tag!Christmas CardsChristmas Cards Christmas CardsPlus, displaying these cards has totally been a conversation starter this season. I find that our guests have loved checking out all of the cards when they’re over.
Christmas CardThis “project” is so simple and is probably one of my favorite pieces of decor this year. I want to keep it up all year round, but I don’t think pinning my bills and coupons to the wire will have the same effect as these bright & cheerful cards do.
Christmas Card DisplayBut enough about my display, how did you show off your Christmas cards this year Casey?

Christmas Card Display – Card Booklet2014_Card-Holder-Centerpiece

Well, we all know I live in a very small, very shoebox-sized apartment with that hubby of mine. In our household, we go by the motto “one thing in, one thing out.” So that means that we don’t have lots of room for extra, seasonal items.

While I adore Bridget’s large Christmas card display, we simply don’t have the room for something like that. So instead I decided to show off my cards right on our coffee table. Christmas-Coffee-TableI created a little booklet of all of the cards we’ve received and it now sits on the table in our family room, along with some festive decorations. I’ll be dishing all about how I DIY’ed the card booklet next week, but for now, I’ll just show off where it lives. F-Anthropologie-MiugI love that it’s in a prominent place because that means it gets a heck of a lot more attention in our house. My hubby and I typically snuggle up on the couch at night, and it’s nice to have the Christmas card booklet handy. I’ll show him that day’s latest additions, and we’ll admire all of the adorable cards from our family and friends.

Plus, it’s nice to save the cards as I go…that way I’m not scrambling to make the booklet at the end of the Christmas season when I already have 1,000+ things on my January to-do list.

Mug-of-CocoaSo there you have it, 2 easy (& we mean e.a.s.y.) ways to display your collection of holiday cards. Whether you have room to wallpaper your entire home with cards, or you only have a small seasonal display…we’ve got ya covered this year.


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