Happy Birthday Casey!!

Our birthday girl is a talented writer, avid reader, and extremely hardworking & humble professional. She would never, ever talk about her work, so please… allow me.  
As a journalism major from University of Notre Dame, Casey has been a TV reporter, news anchor, video producer, on-camera host, and now, a blogger! Within all of these job titles, Casey has worked hard, both on camera and off, to bring her viewers the “story”. Breaking news, special reports, entertaining interviews, Casey’s got the story and is dedicated to sharing it with honesty, dedication and authentic enthusiasm. Although each of these stories make up a part of Casey’s life, there are other stories that define my best friend far more accurately.  
 Like her storybook romance to her high school sweetheart, Mr. Finn.


Or the many stories about Casey growing up as the baby sister of 3 fabulous siblings
Or maybe the stories of her moving up to a cold little town in Wisconsin to follow her dream
Regardless of which story it is, each one has helped build the positive, grateful, hardworking, and compassionate woman she is today.
Casey is one-in-a-million, and I’m so lucky & grateful to be a tiny little part of her amazing story.

Cheers to my favorite rookie. May this twenty-somethin’ chapter be full of love, laughter and lots of happiness. And in honor of Casey’s special day, we’re celebrating with a gift for YOU, our wonderful readers. Click here for your own FREE printable to give to the “Casey” in your  life!

As much as I’m so happy to be a part of Casey’s story, I’m equally thankful that she’s a part of my story. Download and print a copy of this free printable by clicking Here! Either of these printables paired with a great book can be a thoughtful little gift for a teacher, mom (mother’s day is coming up) or that someone special in your life.

Happy Birthday to one heck-of-a-teammate!!


PS. Tune in around 2:00 PM for another reason to celebrate! Can you guess what it is?