Bathroom Updates

Bathroom, washroom, steam room, restroom, lady’s room, lavatory, water closet… who knew there were so many ways to address this sacred space? I’ll skip the awkward toilet talk and jump right into a little tour of what keeps us so fresh & so clean, clean at the Longview Lodge. 
Welcome to the official tour of our home’s spa. 
clean bathroom makeover
Rookie Tip: fresh flowers in the bathroom is a must. I snagged these jaw-dropping blooms for $3.99! Not that I have flowers on tap all the time, but definitely worth a few bucks when I’m looking for a little extra charm.  
ampersand in bathroom

I scored this amazing Ampersand on Sale @ HomeGoods for $9! It’s a pop of art that is simple, meaningful, AFFORDABLE, and working with the color scheme.

industrial inspired bathroom
white bathroom accessories
Soap & Q-tip Combo: $12.99 @ HomeGoods
Ring dish: amazing engagement gift from one of my MVP bridesmaids 
Ceramic ring dish
wood bathroom mat
Wood Floor Mat: $9.99 on sale @ HomeGoods
cheap towel hooks
I love that the towels add function while also adding some pure white to the space, white always makes everything look clean and fresh to me.
Bathroom Flowers
Jute Jars (DIY): Get the full tutorial here! Cost: Less than $3
Simple Bathroom Makeover
Overall, I’m pretty content with the progress of our little water closet. I do have my eyes-peeled for a industrial meets glam inspired light fixture, but until I find the perfect one, I am happy with this simple, clean space.  
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