What’s in Bridget’s Bag?

Last week my stylish co-blogger gave us a peek into her functional & trendy little large bag. This week, I’m stepping up to plate to answer the oh-so anticipated question, “What’s in your bag?”
Whelp, my honest answer is… I don’t typically know exactly what the heck is in my bag at any given moment. I’d have to dump that sucker out to really see what secrets I have stuffed in there. In theory, I try to be pretty resourceful and think ahead as to what I might need when I’m out & about, but I always seem to give myself way less credit than I deserve when I’m actually out by completely forgetting I packed that awesome necessity. It may be because that awesome item is probably hiding in the deep, dark depths of my $9 Target bag (on super clearance of course).
Bridget and her crossbody purse
In an ideal world, I have these really awesome, save-the-day resources tucked in my bag… but in reality, I don’t always utilize each of these necessities because I completely forget that they’re in there! Anyone else have this problem?  Out of sight, out of mind for me and my bag I guess.

Brown handbag
But let’s all pretend that we’re living in an ideal world here. These are the treasures you’d find stuffed into my satchel. And yes, a satchel is really the only style o’ purse I will carry on an everyday basis because it allows me the most function & “hands free-ness”. I love that satchels allow you to throw them over your shoulder, walk around in stores hands-free, keep them on as you get in the car & drive, and still have them on when you park and are ready to get out again. And yes, I do drive with both my purse & my seat belt on, is that weird?
Because you just never know what weather you may hit on any given Chicago day, I typically pack both an umbrella and mittens. However, now that Springtime seems like it’s here to stay, I’ll probably lose the mittens.
Here’s a peek at my glasses (& their fancy case). If you don’t know already, it’s probably a good time to share that I’m a big fan of “big hair”… no joke. So you can BET that I always have a teaser on hand for a little “pick me up” if you will, along with a hair tie and bobby pins for any hair emergencies that may unexpectedly arise.Rounding out the beauty supplies, I have some lip gloss and a set of earrings that are probably in there from last time I took them off half way through the day & never got around to taking them out and reusing them again. <<< Reason #257 why I’m not a fashion blogger.  But a fashion fun fact for ya: those earrings are my grandma’s and the only gold ones I own/wear. I love that I have a piece of my Gram with me to bring a little extra “ba-dazzle”to the day…. she would be so proud!

To cover my DIY bases, I have a paint swatch of a color I’ve been trying to match while shopping for a few office accessories. I also have a pen & pencil, which is great in theory… not so practical when trying to dig for them & actually use them. I also usually carry a scratch paper of measurements or notes from my most recent project… just in case I find a piece that inspires me and need to make a game-time decision to purchase or pass.
A golf ball you ask? I know, weirdness… allow me to explain. I coach high school girls’ golf as a part of my “day job”. I’ve grown up playing golf and now that I look back, golf is surprisingly a really big part of who I am and where I came from. At any given time, my purse could double as a golf bag and be home to balls, tees (sometimes even dirty ones unfortunately), ball markers or even a score card or two.
I got this darling Vera Bradley coin purse at Jan’s annual Favorite Things Party two years ago and I LOVE it as a business card holder. I’ve found out, you just never know when you need a business card! Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the items that goes missing when you really need it, so I typically don’t ever think I have any to give out when the opportunity arises. #bloggerFAIL
Snacks in the purse are a must-have. You just never know when you’re going to get caught in a situation where you need food NOW! Hands down, this is one item I will not forget is floating around in there, thanks to finding myself in need for a treat more often than not. Granola bars, a candy bar… or two, possibly a banana when I’m feeling extra healthy are all staples in my bag.
And there you have it, the secrets that lurk deep in the dark depths of my $9 satchel. If you missed what was in Casey’s bag, you can check it out here. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what’s in your bag! Tag us @DIYPlaybook on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tell us about your bag must-haves. Happy weekend to our favorite readers,