What’s in Bridget’s Bag?

Last week my stylish co-blogger gave us a peek into her functional & trendy little large bag. This week, I’m stepping up to plate to answer the oh-so-anticipated question, “What’s in Bridget’s bag?”
Whelp, my honest answer is… I don’t typically know exactly what the heck is in my bag at any given moment. I’d have to dump that sucker out to really see what secrets I have stuffed in there. In theory, I try to be pretty resourceful and think ahead as to what I might need when I’m out & about, but I always seem to give myself way less credit than I deserve when I’m actually out by completely forgetting I packed that awesome necessity. It may be because that awesome item is probably hiding in the deep, dark depths of my $9 Target bag (on super clearance of course).

In an ideal world, I have these really awesome, save-the-day resources tucked in my bag… but in reality, I don’t always utilize each of these necessities because I completely forget that they’re in there! Anyone else have this problem?  Out of sight, out of mind for me and my bag, I guess.

What’s in Bridget’s Bag?

What's in Bridget's bag
But let’s all pretend that we’re living in an ideal world here. These are the treasures you’d find stuffed into my satchel. And yes, a satchel is really the only style o’ purse I will carry on an everyday basis because it allows me the most function & “hands free-ness”. I love that satchels allow you to throw them over your shoulder, walk around in stores hands-free, keep them on as you get in the car & drive, and still have them on when you park and are ready to get out again. And yes, I do drive with both my purse & my seat belt on, is that weird?

All of the Essentials on Hand

What's in Bridget's bag?
Because you just never know what weather you may hit on any given Chicago day, I typically pack both an umbrella and mittens. However, now that Springtime seems like it’s here to stay, I’ll probably lose the mittens.
Keeping extra eyeglasses in your handbag

Here’s a peek at my glasses (& their fancy case). If you don’t know already, it’s probably a good time to share that I’m a big fan of “big hair”… no joke. So you can BET that I always have a teaser on hand for a little “pick me up” if you will, along with a hair tie and bobby pins for any hair emergencies that may unexpectedly arise.Rounding out the beauty supplies, I have some lip gloss and a set of earrings that are probably in there from last time I took them off half way through the day & never got around to taking them out and reusing them again. <<< Reason #257 why I’m not a fashion blogger.  But a fashion fun fact for ya: those earrings are my grandma’s and the only gold ones I own/wear. I love that I have a piece of my Gram with me to bring a little extra “ba-dazzle”to the day…. she would be so proud!

Keeping paint swatches on hand
To cover my DIY bases, I have a paint swatch of a color I’ve been trying to match while shopping for a few office accessories. I also have a pen & pencil, which is great in theory… not so practical when trying to dig for them & actually use them. I also usually carry a scratch paper of measurements or notes from my most recent project… just in case I find a piece that inspires me and need to make a game-time decision to purchase or pass.
Extra golf balls in your handbag
A golf ball you ask? I know, weirdness… allow me to explain. I coach high school girls’ golf as a part of my “day job”. I’ve grown up playing golf and now that I look back, golf is surprisingly a really big part of who I am and where I came from. At any given time, my purse could double as a golf bag and be home to balls, tees (sometimes even dirty ones, unfortunately), ball markers or even a scorecard or two.
Keeping business cards on hand
I got this darling Vera Bradley coin purse at Jan’s annual Favorite Things Party two years ago and I LOVE it as a business card holder. I’ve found out, you just never know when you need a business card! Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the items that goes missing when you really need it, so I typically don’t ever think I have any to give out when the opportunity arises. #bloggerFAIL
Snacks and candy in your purse
Snacks in the purse are a must-have. You just never know when you’re going to get caught in a situation where you need food NOW! Hands down, this is one item I will not forget is floating around in there, thanks to finding myself in need for a treat more often than not. Granola bars, a candy bar… or two, possibly a banana when I’m feeling extra healthy are all staples in my bag.
What Bridget keeps in her bag
And there you have it, the secrets that lurk deep in the dark depths of my $9 satchel. If you missed what was in Casey’s bag, you can check it out here. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what’s in your bag!