Laundry Room Reveal

I left you with a serious laundry room teaser last week (not cool, I know) and even chatted about the HONEST, behind-the-scenes look into the not so glamorous life of messy DIY projects. Today, I’m officially putting that behind me and skipping to my favorite part of DIY – the pretty end result that makes you quickly forget the blood, sweat, tears and curse words that went into the process while focusing on the new look that magically made it all worth it. (Quite a sick cycle if you ask me…)
So here ya have it… I would like to formally introduce you to the new and improved laundry room. Although the cabinets are the same ones I started with, I can promise you that their time in the DIY beauty shop was well worth it.
It’s a pretty dramatic change from the what the room looked like just a year & a half ago when we moved in. The before & after pictures side by side make it all worth it…
So I have good news, bad news, and breaking news to share.
The Good News: The laundry room is OFFICIALLY complete & I could not be more excited to move on to the next DIY on my to-do list. I am so proud of the transformation and am so grateful that this space finally feels like it belongs in our house without sticking out like a sore thumb dipped in iodine.
The Bad News: A finished laundry room means one thing and one thing only- it’s time to do laundry again. An old pile of laundry wasn’t exactly the greeting I was hoping for when I finally finished this transformation.
The Breaking News: You can access every.single.printable on my gallery wall for FREE by clicking HERE.

  • Marian

    It looks really nice! Good job πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the printables, i love the yellow tags, i wanted them the moment I saw them.

    • Thank you so much Marian! We heart the yellow tags too! πŸ™‚

  • Janimal

    What an amazing transformation! You are getting good at this DIY stuff, Bridget!

    • Thanks Janimal! Now you need to come over and see it in person πŸ™‚

  • Kris

    Do you girls make house calls for the overwhelmed and ones with creativity blocks? πŸ™‚ your blog is amazing

    • haha thanks Kris! And we know you have it in ya girl…let your inner DIY diva shine πŸ™‚

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    Ooooh I need to do this! Trying to decide the best way to get mine organized – this helps! πŸ™‚

    • We cannot wait to see that new house of yours Alysia! I’m sure you’ll be organized in no time!

  • Shanae

    Your blog gives me such great ideas. I’m moving into my first apartment later this month and I love your DIY inspiration. Thanks so much, Bridget!

    • Aw thanks so much Shanae. Good luck with your move and have fun decorating your new pad!


  • It came out beautifully! What would you say was the hardest part – the sanding?
    Smart to have those informative prints on the gallery wall, very handy!

    • Definitely the sanding- because it’s hard work and because it super messy!

  • ramya

    I live in Carol stream, Il and was happy to see your blog, your laundry room and the gallery wall is so creative and such a happy place to look at. Its very neat too. Wish I find some time to do something other than laundry in that room and add some life to it. There is always pile of some clothes or rags to be washed, where do you store the “to be washed rags or comforters” ?

    • Ramya,
      Thanks so much! So great to hear from a reader who lives so close by.

      As for the clothes to be washed, I have limited space in that area so I keep a hamper in a larger linen closet in our bathroom. It gets the job done.


  • Andrea

    Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! Who thought id say that about a laundry room! Do you have the sources for the baskets and hooks? So excited to transform my room too!

  • Vanessa McConnell Buehlman

    Great update! Wow! What is the paint color? I absolutely love it.

    • Aw, thanks Vanessa! It’s Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. You can find the exact number at the very end of my home tour here:

    • Vanessa B.

      Thank you! It seems like every time I see a wall color I love lately it is Revere Pewter. I think the design universe is trying to tell me something! πŸ™‚ So glad I found your blog through I Heart Organizing!

    • Haha thanks Vanessa! And yes, I think those Design Gods are looking down on you. #TeamReverePewter

  • Valentine Eberhardt

    I really like your cabinets! How did you add the layers and moulding? I think that’s exactly what my laundry room needs. Thank you!

  • Amna Munawar

    Hi B, I love this makeover. I’ll be getting on with my laundry room project soon. In my case its all wall paper and will be putting textured wall paper. lets see how it turns out. I am big on organization and I wanted to know where you got the “wash” basket from and also noticed a steel box for dryer sheets?!? are these DIY or can I look for them somewhere?
    Thank you!