20 Patterned Floor Tiles I Love

Last month, I had to quickly choose a new tile for our laundry room. It’s funny because I knew that I had to eventually choose a tile for the space, but the moment my contractor told me, I instantly panicked and ran home to start sourcing items! And boy, was I overwhelmed with all of the choices!

I did know that I wanted to do patterned floor tiles in the laundry room for a pop of pattern and fun. Why not go bold in a small space?! So that narrowed it down a tiny bit, but honestly, patterned floor tiles are so on trend right now that there are still tons to choose from.  The first thing I did was search for some inspiration for the laundry room to guide my choice. Here’s some eye candy I came across…

Laundry Room Inspiration


Studio McGee Laundry Room

Photo via Studio McGee

Pink Peppermint Design

Photo via Pink Peppermint Design

Blesser House

Photo via Blesser House

Jenna Sue Design Laundry Room

Photo via Jenna Sue Design

laundry room studio mcgee

Photo via Studio McGee

All of these hardworking laundry rooms are so much more fun because of their unique floors! This solidified my dream to go with a really cool floor in our own home. Since I’m aiming for soft, warmer colors in the new house, I decided to stay away from black and white and go for creamier tiles. When we eventually finish the rest of the laundry room, my vision is sage green cabinets, brass hardware, and a butcher block countertop. We’ll see if I stick with that plan, but I figured I might as well choose a tile that would coordinate well.

My Favorite Patterned Floor Tiles

Here are some of the gorgeous tiles I came across when looking…

20 patterned floor tiles

1. || 2. || 3.|| 4. || 5. || 6. || 7. (similar) || 8. || 9. || 10 ||11. ||12. || 13. || 14. || 15.  || 16. || 17. || 18. || 19. || 20

They’re all so different. I like 3, 4, and 10 for a modern space. While 7, 8, 15, and 20 would look nice in a traditional home. And you guys know how gorgeous 18 looks in Bridget’s bathroom. My final contenders for our home were 5, 9, 11, and 13…and I ultimately decided to go with…

Laura ashley floor tile is one of my favorite patterned floor tiles

This tile from The Tile Shop! I like the soft color (not too gray, not too creamy) and the pattern is really organic. I think it will be stunning paired with brass and sage green when we eventually tackle this space.

Once I decided on the tile, I thought it would be pretty easy to order and get quick delivery to the house for my contractor to complete this project. Well, I ran into a few problems. I visited the store and found that they didn’t have it in stock. No big deal, we could just order some. Well, that’s when I found out that Laura Ashley (the designer of this tile) no longer makes the tile! Yikes!

Luckily, the associate at the Tile Shop was able to look all over the country to gather enough square feet for my project. It came in a few days later and guess what…it was all cracked! We then scrambled again and he called more stores from all over the country in order to complete the order.Patterned floor tile

The good news is I was able to get all of the tile I needed for the project. And the better news is that The Tile Shop is actually going to start manufacturing this tile themselves since it’s such a popular one. So, hopefully soon, they’ll have plenty in stock all over! Fingers crossed.

20 patterned floor tiles

I’ll be sure to check in with another post once the floor is down and grouted (last week’s post gave a glimpse into the newly enlarged space!). The rest of the room may be empty, but at least the floor will look damn good. Stay tuned for that coming to the blog real soon. Now I kinda want to use patterned floor tiles everywhere! Which one is your favorite? Would you install any of these in your own home? Do tell!


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