Adorable Art for an Affordable Price

Yesterday was a pretty big day here on the ol’ Playbook. I openly admitted to the blog world that I have converted & officially joined Team Curtains (any teammates?!). I added these panels to our office and am so in love with the warmth, color and sense of “completion” they bring to the space.

Bridget's OfficeHobby Lobby ArtComplementing our new curtains are the real stars of this show… our affordable STORE-BOUGHT Art! Yes, I did just refer to those gorgeous, on-trend framed pieces as “store-bought”. Both of these frames are from Hobby Lobby and I snagged each for about $13 while they were on sale (which is super often).

Hobby Lobby ArtIf you have a Hobby Lobby by you and haven’t been in a while… you have to go back! They have really stepped up their game and are spot on with today’s trends (without being over-the-top)! I settled on these two prints, but honestly, it was a hard choice narrowing down the contenders. There were so many great choices to choose from and when they’re on sale, they’re all so affordable.

Oh DarlingOffice Art

I hate to play favorites, but this frame may be one of my favorites pieces in my entire house. If there is anything this crazy blog journey has taught me, it’s what’s stated on this adorable framed art for $13, “don’t quit your day dreams“. Whatever your day-dream is… never, ever give up on it! You just never know what amazing opportunities hide under those lurking day dreams.

I mean, if someone told me even 2 years ago that I would have a DIY blog, a small business with my best friend, and the opportunity to team up with companies we love… I would have never believed them. And if I had given up on those silly day dreams, I would have never come this far. So if I can inspire you to do anything… I hope it’s to never, ever give up on what you love, what challenges you, what inspires you, and what you may think is out of reach or impossible. It may just be a lot closer than you ever imagine. It’s crazy what a whole lot of passion, hard work, and day dreams can give birth to.

And following up that deep rant, let’s chat about these antlers. They’re meaningless. Like, so random. I just liked the look, color and character they brought to this little threesome. I scored these babies at HomeGoods & just dig them. Antler ArtCurtain ArtOffice Updates

Oh, and I guess I dig how the hints of brown in this combo complement and highlight the vanity mirror, the side table, the light fixture and the desk (on the opposite wall). Don’t be too impressed, it was completely unplanned & a welcome accident. Bridget's OfficeSo the moral of this story… you need to:
1. Never give up on your day dreams
2. Hit up Hobby Lobby if you haven’t in a while.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the newest additions to their home decor department. But don’t go on a Sunday (it’s closed), make sure whatever you are looking for is on sale, and be prepared to celebrate Christmas in September. And while you pass 7 full aisles of Christmas ornaments, see a forest of fake Christmas Trees, and start having anxiety that you are already behind Xmas shopping… exit immediately & forget I sent you!

I should probably also mention that this is absolutely not a sponsored post. I have no affiliation with Hobby Lobby and actually have no clue if they correspond with bloggers. I just really appreciate their new merchandise and can’t help but to gush about this adorable and affordable art. Plus, it allows me the chance to get on my annoying soap box about never giving up on your dreams. Now you know how my students feel… #poorkids