Match Stick Mason Jar

I don’t know about you, but I’m a definite candle gal. We have them all over our home, and I love filling our space with delicious aromas to fit the season. (Kinda like B’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle from this post…so good for Fall!)
Candle-VignetteI typically use a long lighter to light my candles, but sometimes my husband uses it outside when he is grilling and the lighter mysteriously disappears. So to the junk drawer I go in search of matches. However, those too are often difficult to find. (What’s up with our tiny apartment being a black hole for stuff?!)

To keep the pyrotechnics going on around here, I decided to whip up a little DIY so matches are always handy in this household. Large-Kitchen-MatchesFirst purchase…a huge box of matches. 250 to be exact.MatchesMatch-Stick-Jar-SuppliesThen I got a mini mason jar and some sandpaper. I was planning to cover the mason jar lid with the sandpaper, so I would always have a rough surface where I could light my match. Or so I thought…

See I unknowingly purchased STRIKE ON BOX kitchen matches, thinking that they would strike on other surfaces too. But I was definitely wrong…I needed the side of the box to get any of my 250 matches to light.

So I tweaked my original idea and improvised…Match-Stick-Mason-Jar I still covered the top of the jar with sandpaper (just in case I get universal matches later on), and then I also cut off the side strip of the matchbox to include on the lid.Top-of-Mason-jarNow my little lid is all ready for some FIREY action!

Matches-near-candleBecause the jar is tiny and pretty cute, it fits right in with our other home decor accessories. It’s nice to have it sitting on a shelf nearby just in case I need to light a candle.Candle-HurricaneIf you’re into camping (I’m more of a “glamper” myself) this could be an awesome DIY project for you. Keep your matches dry and impress your fellow campers with this handy little jar. Or throw the jar in your emergency kit! Lit-CandleOr you could even put this handy little mason jar in your bathroom. I mean matches are a great odor eliminator if you know what I mean…(I’m sure B is cringing as she reads this, but I know we’re all thinking it!) You could even bring them on a trip if you’re vacationing with other people…what a polite travel partner you are 😉

Candle-in-bedroomThis craft will take you a whopping 5 minutes to complete and it will last you many candlelit evenings. Why don’t you tackle this easy DIY project so you can up the romance, create ambiance, and breathe in the fragrant aromas from you new candle-filled home?


  • Zan Turner

    Great idea! I love candles but do not like to see boring old match boxes all over the place. Got a ton of mason jars on hand and would try to make this – looks so simple!

    • Thanks Zan! Good luck with the project…seriously so easy!