My Summer DIY To-Do List

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According to Liberty Mutual’s New Beginnings report, almost a third of Americans are looking to tackle DIY projects this year! <– will you be a part of that 31%?

Most people DIY to save money, but have you ever thought about DIY-ing to make money? No, I’m not talking about starting a DIY blog (although if you are planning on it, let me know, I’d love to come read!). I’m talking about DIY-ing in order to add value to your house when you go to sell.

My Summer DIY To-Do List


Matt and I are NOT looking to sell, however, we are always interested in adding value to our home so that if that time does ever come, our home is ready. This summer’s DIY projects are designed to do just that. We are DIY-ing in order to create a home that we love while simultaneously adding resale value to our house for that mysterious day when we think it’s time to sell. <– An ongoing discussion in our household. #notgoinganywheresoon

board and batten bedroom

When we think of adding value to our homes, we are quick to think indoor improvements. I immediately think kitchen/bathroom, but news to me, the outside is just as important.

frontDid you guys know that landscaping and “curb appeal” adds 5-7% value on your home? I guess that does make sense since people are quick to judge a book by its cover… orrrr… a house by its curb appeal.


This summer, Matt and I have plans to amp up the outside of our home. Remember when we moved in and got a whole new drainage system and re-did all of the landscaping? Yikes. It’s not going to be that intense (thank goodness!), but we do have an outdoor to-do list that we’re excited to tackle. Here’s the scoop:

meter before

-Paint Electric Meters
-Create outdoor wall art or a vertical garden or window flower boxes
-Add Flowers to back landscaping
-DIY a new doormat/possibly a wreath
-Hire an electrician to add electricity outside (we currently have NONE, which officially makes us look like the Grinch on the block come December)

backyard before

So far, that’s all we got on our outdoor list. According to Liberty Mutual survey data,  “71% of Americans that are doing home improvements, are doing at least some of the work themselves.” What are your summer DIY projects? Will you be doing some of the work yourselves? And more importantly, will your summer DIY project make you money?

front houseFor those of you who may need a little extra leverage to help sell your summer DIY ideas to your +1, maybe these tips will help you win the persuasion game. A DIY that MAKES you money in the long run… who could turn that down?