Condo Makeover Living Room REVEAL

Disclaimer: We have partnered with WayfairΒ for this post. All photography and opinions are our own and are not influenced by Wayfair. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

Remember when we first shared pictures of Maggie’s new condo? This place was dipped in guacamole green walls & was not very reflective of Maggie’s personality/style. We are firm believers that your space should be somewhere you LOVE to be and are excited to come home to. With that being said, Maggie’s new place needed a facelift & she graciously invited us to come and do just that!Β Maggie

Crazy to think that this is what the room looked like just about 2 months ago. So much has been done to it in such a short amount of time! With a fresh coat of paint and lots of gorgeous furniture from Wayfair, we are EXCITED to reveal a space that we are confident is “so Maggie” <– and for that, we could not be more excited for her! What do you think?!

IMG_4932For a single lady who oozes style, we think we totally nailed her style! We are pretty obsessed with this place, so we really hope she’s not sick of us taking over her pad. Can we still come over, Mags? We promise we won’t bring power tools, cameras, or new accessories… just WINE!


IMG_5097IMG_5263The makeover was definitely a TEAM effort to say the least. We definitely could not have gotten to the decorating part without the hard work of Maggie, Big Mike (Bridget and Maggie’s Dad) or Pat (Bridget and Maggie’s mom). Once the patching, painting, kitchen cabinets and cleaning were done, the fun part started — the decorating. We teamed up with Wayfair, an online home decor store that if you don’t already use, you may want to consider ASAP! Purchasing Maggie’s furniture from Wayfair was AMAZING because the furniture is gorgeous and all of it was sent straight to Maggie’s condo. #WINWIN


The best part of the delivery? None of the pieces were difficult to put together from the box, 10 minutes MAX. Their selection was so diverse and the pieces we found on Wayfair were so unique.Β The couch, for example. We had such a HARD time finding a couch that fit the space’s size and style until we searched on Wayfair. Same with the coffee table and end table; these pieces were so perfect for the space, and we just couldn’t find anything comparable.


IMG_5004maggie drink

IMG_5112Β We will definitely be using Wayfair more in the future, heck… we wish we knew about them when we moved into our own homes! For more tips for online shopping and what strategies we used to purchase such large items online, check out this post. In short though, make sure you check & double check dimensions, read customer reviews carefully, and really research the colors of each item before you confirm your purchase. These steps will help ensure what you buy is what you expect it to be when it’s delivered.


Decorating Maggie’s place was extra fun because she was soooo easy to work with. Plus, we are so used to choosing decor that fits for both us and our husbands, this project was fun because we could make it as feminine and stylish as we wanted.

IMG_5292As much as we are obsessed with this new space, we do have to let you in on a little secret. We can’t let you leave without showing the “other half” of this makeover”. Check out the current state of the opposite wall in this space.

IMG_5196YIKES! We’re waiting on a custom BUILT-IN (so pumped!) that isn’t done being built yet. Once that is installed and styled, we will of course share. We are hoping it’ll be finalized in the next month or so, but you know how it is with construction… it never seems to go on schedule.


condo revealBridget and Casey Signature

To see more of Maggie’s Condo, check out her Kitchen Reveal here & Balcony Reveal here. And don’t you worry, the fun at Maggie’s place isn’t over yet. Her GORGEOUS bedroom and bathroom reveals are coming very soon. Plus, a detailed source list of EVERYTHING in this room is scheduled for Thursday.


  • Maggie Sutor (IL OT Mast 15)

    I’m on the lookout for a fun new bookshelf!

  • beezus

    First of all, holy crap-a-toly! That round mirror? I can’t even.

    Y’all killed it with this one and I love, love, love the view of the undone wall. Awesome.

    I just got a real job and my wardrobe is going from business-so-casual-that-I-might-be-going-to-work-but-I might-also-be-cleaning-someone’s-garage to dressing like a grown-up, so something needs to be done about our odd 70s master closet and STAT. It is super long and awkward and awful and it has big, loud slide-y doors and I hate it so much that I think that it should be the reason to find a new house. So, if you know what to do with a horrible closet, I am all ears!

    • This . is . HILARIOUS. You made us literally laugh out loud. Good luck to you, you’ll have to keep us updated on this adventure!! #yikes

      In terms of horrible closets, we will brainstorm! B has a tiny closet and who knows what the status will be of Casey’s new closets (when the time comes), so we are always in the game for closet ideas. Good luck, keep us updated & thanks again for the laugh!

  • Jennifer Starnes

    With the help of 2 fabulous friends, I just repainted my kitchen a nice neutral color. Now I am on the lookout for new kitchen accessories.

    • You’re right, those are some AWESOME friends! What a fun time for you, good luck!!

  • mindy

    It is really lovely.

  • Gorgeous! I love that wooden mirror. My DIY project of the summer is going to be a custom desk. I work remotely from home and my current desk is a $50 Kijiji find. It needs to be slim and thin to fit in my spare room next to the pullout couch – hence the DIY part.

  • Kayla

    I really love the soft, neutral color palette with subtle pops of color and greenery. I could look at this room all day!

  • Maggie

    The condo looks great! I’m looking for a new rug for my bedroom this summer.

    • So many great rugs to choose from at Wayfair, good luck Maggie!

  • Nikki

    I love the soft colors in this room, it looks so cozy and relaxing. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  • H Buchanan

    I love love love that wall color! It is gorgeous! I’m in the market for a new media cabinet / book shelf kind of set up this summer!

    • Thanks so much! Keep us updated if you find something you LOVE. Before Mag decided on the built-ins, we had a hard time finding a solution that we loved.

  • Christina Gray

    Lots and LOTS of baby stuff!!!!

  • Marla

    I love how light and bright this space is! I will be shopping for frames, artwork and shelves to finally fill up all of our bare walls

  • Eileen

    Amazing! Is the rug from Wayfair too? I’m closing on a house in 2 weeks and need so much stuff! Including area rugs!!

    • OMG, Congrats Eileen!! The rug is from Wayfair!! We will be sharing where everything (literally everything) is from on Thursday, with links to the exact products.

    • Eileen

      Fabulous! b/c i basically want everything in that room

    • hahaha… us too!!

  • Shanna Schlabach

    Love the reveal! I am in desperate need of some finishing touches in my baby girl’s nursery before she arrives!

  • Thank YOU, Allie!!

  • Brittany

    Love this look! I’m on the hunt for a tufted wingback chair for our front living room.

    • I think Wayfair may have what you’re looking for! Their chair selection is so unique. =) Good luck, Brittany!

  • jennyf

    summer shopping list? probably outside, since the weather is so wonderful!

    • Agreed!! Being able to relax and enjoy the outdoors is so important for any space.

  • Mila

    hmmm between appearing here and on Property Brothers and being the source of my dining room rug and headboard….Wayfair is making a LOT of appearances in my life! I need some decorative thingamabobs for the side table i built!

  • Heather

    I really would like a new couch, but in the real world, I’ll probably buy a lot of other things like accent pillows, rugs, and a coffee table!

    • We hear ya!! Hard to make the plunge sometimes, especially when the money could go way further on other items like pillows + accessories.

  • Erin

    on my list is to have a new media cabinet and a storage ottoman that isn’t leather! the one we have now is PITIFUL!

    • Good luck!! We hope you find something you love =)

  • Lara Gephart

    AWESOME transformation! The color is perfect and the undone wall cracked me up πŸ™‚ Wayfair is definitely my new favorite website so this just gave me a bunch of ideas!

    • haha, thanks Lara… keeping it real with the blank wall. We can’t wait for the built-in to be finished, hopefully soon!

  • Jenna Nicholson

    I love the new living room! You guys knocked it out of the park!
    All decor is needed this summer as we just moved. The boxes just went up into the attic last night, so now it’s time to get everything in it’s place!

    • YAY! What a fun time, Jenna… congrats!! Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  • Sheila

    I would love to redo my home office – it is just a mish mash of leftover furniture.

  • Kjaydee

    So many things — a new desk, some wallpaper for an accent wall, new throw pillows, a new area rug and a new chair for my living room!

  • Alice H

    LOVE the makeover! And yes, Wayfair is awesome! I’ve only ordered one thing from them so far but have pinned several other items for our basement makeover.

    • Basement remodel sounds amazing (and intimidating!). That’s awesome!!

  • Sarah M.

    This space is so stunning! I love how everything came together – you ladies can come decorate my space any day! I’ve been perusing Wayfair a lot lately with a pending move coming up in August, so many fun pieces to drool over.

  • Sarah M.

    This space is so stunning! I love how everything came together – you ladies can come decorate my space any day. I’ve been perusing Wayfair a lot lately with a pending move coming up in August, so many fun pieces to drool over!

    • You’re so sweet, we’d love to come over! We are running out of spaces in our own homes. haha

  • Katie

    Girls! Looks straight up out of a magazine! Awesome job πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the rest. Love your dress Maggie.

    • Awww… you are FAR too kind. Thank you so much! (And Maggie says thanks!! <– it's from Marshall's!)

  • Stephanie Cooper

    I need wall decor for our main living space! We have 2 mostly blank walls that I am tired of staring at!

    • This may be the perfect opportunity =) Good luck!

  • Patricia Carlson

    New Master bedroom!

  • Andrea Pepe

    Finishing my kitchen…the walls are painted, now onto the cabinets.

  • Beautiful space! And this summer I’m searching for coastal decor!

    • ‘Tis the season for coastal… Wayfair could definitely help with that =)

  • Katy

    WOW such a gorgeous space! I’m on the hunt for a coffee table this summer for a (hopefully!!!) September 1 move to a new apartment, and I love the one you chose for Maggie’s new place. Very sleek and pretty!

    • Congratulations to you!! Good luck with the big move!

  • Kaylin

    This looks amazing! Definitely pulling some inspiration from this post and would love to use Wayfair to help! πŸ™‚

  • Amanda Scott

    I’ve ordered a bit from Wayfair (wall sconces, a media center, rug) and so have my parents. They have such a wide selection, just be forewarned that there’s a good chance the Styrofoam will probably be broken when it’s delivered (read: all over the place). That said, they do have some good deals, so if you love something at another store you should check on wayfair as well (my media center was found at World Market but was $50 less at Wayfair)

  • Amanda Scott

    Also, I’m currently starting a small kitchen renovation so I’m in need of 2 more wall sconces (same ones I bought before, hah) as well as wall art and a little cute kitchen decor and storage baskets

  • Trang

    Glad to see Maggie in her new space. I can definitely see her style through the new living room and kitchen. So Metropolitan – love it.

  • I love what you did with the space! It feels so much bigger and brighter than before. Our living room walls are a very similar color, so I’m taking lots of ideas from this.

    • We’re so happy we could provide some inspiration. Thanks for tuning in!

  • PAM

    I love wayfair..I am wanting a new bed.

    • We bought Maggie’s headboard from Wayfair… we are in LOVE! Good luck, Pam!

  • BethRy

    So great looking! Congrats ladies!

  • GeneviΓ¨ve

    Thanks for the giveaway! I ordered my bedspread from Wayfair last spring and I could even get it delivered to Canada (yay!). I really like my purchase, but the shipping fee was already expensive for bedding, I can’t even imagine what it would be for furniture πŸ™ Can anyone please invent some sort of teleportation? πŸ˜›

    • No problem and thank YOU for tuning in, good luck!

  • Amazing!! You girls did a fantastic job!

  • Heather

    When I saw this post pop up on my feed, I may have yipeed for joy a little too loud!! It looks amazing!!!

    • Hahaha, you are the BEST! Thanks Heather =) I’m glad we didn’t let you down.

  • april proveaux

    We are getting a new sectional this summer! I love the glider we got from Wayfair last month for our nursery!

  • Kaitlyn

    This looks awesome! I love WayFair – we got our metal kitchen chairs from there!

    • Aren’t they the best? Such unique yet classic pieces!

  • alex robertson

    We are on the hunt for a bookshelf to display cookbooks and pictures!

  • This $100 gift card would be perfect for that, Laura! Cheers πŸ˜‰

  • Wow, we are so honored! We love your attitude… making the best of what you have. You go girl, stay positive! You can totally rock a rental.

  • Yes! They have SO many great ones to choose from.

  • Good luck Emily!! We had a hard time narrowing down the coffee table because there were such great options to choose from.

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

    Love this so much! My boyfriend and I are moving (again….another story for another day) and now I have a whole new space to decorate! So it would definitely be great to win this gift card to keep working towards furnishing our new place!

    • Thanks Lindsay! And CONGRATS to you!! You are one busy lady– so exciting!! It’s always fun to have a new space to decorate =) Good luck!

  • Summer Hogan

    This looks beautiful you guys! I’m totally crushing on that mirror!! Great giveaway too!

    • Thanks Summer! And we knoowwwwww you would choose something so stylish with the gift card, good luck!

  • christine

    Curb appeal!!!! I am trying to add color with plants and flowers. Thinking of spray painting our house numbers so they pop a little more.

    • LOVE that idea!! Small changes can make such a difference!

  • Jody Hon

    Patio furniture for sure, so we can start enjoying the sunshine!

  • Liz Lytch

    This summer, I would love to buy NURSERY furniture from Wayfair…such meaningful and exciting purchases to be made πŸ™‚

  • B & C, it looks great! I’m sure Maggie is thrilled! I have about 6 things currently in my Wayfair cart. πŸ™‚ I’d probably put it towards a new dining set–our hand-me-down set is getting pretty worn out!


    • Thanks so much Jaclyn! We can only imagine how amazing a new dining set from Wayfair would be…. wow!

  • My home decor shopping list….does outside count? I’d like more for our patio, especially after seeing the one you guys did!

    • Patio furniture definitely counts!! Thanks Diana… good luck!

  • Jillian

    Maggie & DIY Playbook, you did a fantastic job! Love the furniture!! Definitely will keep Wayfair in mind as I shop for end tables this summer!

  • erin

    Looks great! We just bought a house and my summer project is to do some bargain shopping to find some great pieces to help decorate and update our new space. I’m excited!

    • Congratulations!! What an exciting time for you, Erin! Good luck =) Happy DIY-ing & decorating!

  • Jill C

    Would love to get new sofas… Specifically navy which have been very hard to come by!

    • Love a navy sofa. Have you seen desert domicile’s navy couch? We love how she styles hers!!

  • I’m looking for lamps and other decor for our master bedroom. It desperately needs a makeover and I want to make it a relaxing spa-like room!

  • Andrea

    Great job ladies. I would love to add a nice ottoman to the family room.

  • Amanda Ray

    What a beautiful room!!

  • Amanda

    Love that sofa! It’s just like what I’ve been looking for.

    • It’s super comfy too! totally worthy of a nap!

  • Katie Howard

    Need new barstools!

  • Ashley Sorrick

    Awesome design!! This is coming in handy because we’re moving and I’m starting from scratch! Been scouring Wayfair for a few months now lol

    • Oh my goodness, how exciting!! Congratulations =)

  • A new rug! πŸ™‚

  • Adrienne Hedlund

    I need some kind of table/cart for the entry. We have a small entry, but need somewhere for people coming over to put there purses, my husband needs somewhere to store his wallet, but i’m having trouble finding something large enough that’s not too deep for my space. It’s a challenge!

    • Wayfair may just be the perfect place to look for such a unique piece… good luck Adrienne!

  • Rachel Uhrig

    I’m on the hunt for a kitchen table – our kitchen eat in area isn’t the biggest so it has to be the perfect size

  • The condo looks amazing!!! — now, come and help me with MY house. Please??? πŸ˜‰

    I would love to get some pretty light fixtures and ditch the horrible “boob lights” around the house. πŸ™‚

    • Bye, bye boob lights!! Good call Elise

    • Now to convince the fiance I NEED a chandelier for my office. πŸ˜‰

  • Amanda

    So Perfect! Makes me want to stark from scratch!

    I would love new area rugs and bedroom furniture!

    • Every time we went over to work on Maggie’s place we always said, “man I want to sell all of my furniture & accessories and start from scratch!” So we know exactly what you mean πŸ™‚

  • Thanks so much Emily!

  • How exciting Rachel! Good luck with the new home.

  • We love it too, Mary! So comfy.

  • Kara D

    This is gorgeous. It is very similar to what I want my living room to look like! Only I was playing with the idea of three round mirrors above the couch. I love those mirrors! Is there a TV that you’re going to work into the built-ins?

    • Thanks so much Kara. Yes, the built-ins will house the TV. We can’t wait for the project to get underway.

      3 mirrors would look amazing! What a great idea. We wanted to keep that side of the room a little more simple above the couch, since the other side will eventually be chock full of stuff on the built-ins.

  • Ryan Malone

    looks great! can’t wait to see the built-ins!

    i’m dying to furnish two parts of my back patio that are very uniquely laid out. old houses + new additions = serious quirk. never a dull moment at my house!

  • Ashly

    I’ve been looking for a bookshelf like item for awhile! Was that gorgeous piece from wayfair as well??

  • Karen

    We are redoing our kitchen so we’re shopping for kitchen accessories!

  • What an amazing transformation! Great job, ladies. Can’t wait to see more. It will look AWESOME with built-ins!

    • Thanks so much Brenna! Yes, we are soon excited for those built-ins!

  • Stephani

    I would love to switch up some of our art this summer