Augusta Guest Bathroom: Before & Gameplan

When looking at our current home for the first time, the one room that really perplexed me was the guest bathroom.

There were a few things I didn’t really like…(note: these first 2 photos are from the MLS listing. Hence the fisheye feel & bright look!)

Augusta-Bathroom-before.40 PMAugusta-bathroom-shower.34 PM

  • The strange layout: The door bumps right into the shower and the vanity touches the tub.03-Augusta-guest-bathroom-before-pendant
  • The lighting: There was one dim overhead light, and then a pendant hanging over the sink bowl. A pendant! The combo of these 2 light sources didn’t exactly make for the most well-lit bathroom. In fact, when checking out the space it was so dark I could barely get a feel for this small room. 02-Augusta-guest-bathroom-before-pendant-light-sink
  • The bowl sink: Okay, the bowl sink didn’t really bug me all that much. Instead Finn disliked it immensely. I’m not sure why it irks him, but from the moment we walked in there he gave me a wrinkled nose face and shook his head.

01-Augusta-Guest-Bathroom-beforeBut we didn’t let the quirks of this small bathroom prevent us from buying our home. Instead I promised Finn that we could make some short-term upgrades, and then we could save our pennies to create a bathroom oasis we both truly love.

So that’s where we are today. We want to give this bathroom some lovin’, without breaking the bank. Sorry Finn, but the bowl sink is staying…for now.

Short-Term To Do List:

    • Paint
    • Remove Basic Mirror & Add one with more personality
    • Remove Pendant Lighting & Add Vanity Light
    • Move Outlet to More Convenient Location
    • Change Hardware on Cabinet
    • Install Toilet Paper Holder & Towel Hooks
    • Install Shelves for Storage over Toilet
    • Hang small hand towel next to new Mirror
    • Accessorize & style bathroom
    • Find new shower curtain that is the correct height
    • Clean up grout lines
    • Add personality with accessories
    • Hang Art


Prior to moving in we painted our entire place, and we chose Sherwin Williams “Repose Gray” for both of our bathrooms. Just painting really changed the space and gave it a fresh new look.

Here are the other small tweaks I’m thinking of implementing for the rest of the space.

Casey Bathroom Mood Board UpdatedWe already have some of these changes underway, and tomorrow I’ll be back with some progress shots of this space. casey_sig