6 Ways to Decorate with Picture Frames

We both head to Michaels craft store at least 1-2x per month. Some of our favorite Michaels items include their basket selection, faux florals, and their amazing variety of picture frames. If we’re heading to the store the chances that a new frame hops into our cart is pretty high.How to Decorate with Frames

But who doesn’t love picture frames? To us they’re the perfect way to showcase your favorite photos, quotes, and art and also add dimension and layers to a space. But you don’t just need to riddle every surface with picture frames (more on that “no-no” in this post), instead you can get creative and try one of these 6 ways to add frames into your own home.

1. Display On Shelvesbuilt-ins-family-room

We each use picture frames on our built-ins, but we use them sparingly. If every single shelf had a frame on it, then we wouldn’t be able to achieve the minimal, yet collected, look we love!white-frames-built-insWe use frames in the back of our built-ins to add depth and create a layered look. Plus it’s a great way to show off special photos (like our wedding day!) and meaningful objects (like our crafty key display). family_room_built-in_frames_shelves-2

If you’re looking to add some frames to your shelves, be sure to start with a specific color scheme (black & white, or white & wood tones, etc.) so you can create a cohesive look.
built-ins-accessoriesThen pair your favorite frames with other decor of all shapes and sizes. This mix & match of frames and other objects will make your shelves look stylish, but will also help you display some of your favorite memories amongst the decor.

2. Hang Above Your Nightstandsnightstand-bedroom-bed

I recently swapped out the white frames above our nightstands with these sleek black frames from Michaels. nightstand-bedroom-frames

After adding our new black ceiling fan, I was itching to incorporate more black throughout the space. michaels-black-picture-frame

This simple swap added the perfect touch of black to the space, and makes the quotes and framed letter stand out even more! master-bedroomPlus, adding these frames on the wall just about the nightstand frees up some space on your nightstand to store your nightly essentials (or other favorite decor pieces).

3. Try Picture Ledgesdesk-room-office

You guys know all about my love for our picture ledges from Ikea. They add some much-needed height above our desk area, and I am constantly swapping out the frames and pictures for a new look.

For this area I kept it simple with black and white frames, and I always try to go with thick mats for a more sophisticated look. Having a few extra mats on hand make my frames a lot more versatile and gives me far more options in displaying pictures we have around the house. I will forever be tweaking this area and love that changing things around doesn’t mean putting holes in the wall!

4. Display in a HallwayBridget Frames Hallway Board and Batten

I added these white Michaels frames along my hallway a few years ago and I can confidently say that this project is definitely in my top ten projects that I’ve ever done in this house. It’s such a simple upgrade, but it makes such a difference and adds style into a place of our home that otherwise wouldn’t have much.
hallway-frames-board0and-battenI framed photos of our travels and walking past/looking at these memories makes me smile everyday (and daydream about our future trips!). If you have a hallway in need of a little love, adding some frames could be an affordable option to add a little life to it!

5. Create a Gallery

Who doesn’t love a good gallery wall?! Putting smaller, inexpensive frames together to create one big impactful space is always a winning combo.


We know that art/prints can be pricey so we splurged on the art, but then opted to frame it ourselves using these inexpensive frames from Michaels. We had to cut some of the art down to fit inside the frames, but we saved a LOT of money by framing them ourselves. gender_neutral_nursery_happy_camper_reveal-13

For the gallery wall we designed in Bridget’s sister’s nursery, we decided to go with all white frames on top of the gray wallpaper. This allowed us to add some colorful touches with the art, as each piece really popped off the neutral wall & frames. Plus when B’s nephew grows out of these prints (and his nursery), the frames can transition with him to his “big boy” or eventually “teenage” room!

For more tips on hanging a gallery wall (& tips to make it baby proof!) be sure to check out this post.

6. Add Visual Heightoffice_frames_michaels_shelves

I just bought these inexpensive black frames from Michaels and added them above the shelving unit in our new office to add some visual height (more details about these office updates coming soon!). office_progress_frames_shelves_michaels-3

These frames were less than $10 each on sale (I couldn’t believe it either!). They came with mats already included, which I love because I was looking for something simple and sleek and the white mats really help with that.

office_progress_frames_shelves_michaels-2At first I couldn’t decide what photos/art to add to them, but eventually decided on black and white travel photos because I needed something that didn’t seem too busy or colorful in this space. I may swap them out with art or photos of our families, but getting something in the frames that we loved was a good start!office_progress_frames_shelves_michaels-4

The whole room feels taller thanks to these frames and I couldn’t be more excited about the new (and inexpensive) look!


For more simple home decor updates, be sure to check out Michaels’ Glue String Blog for the rest of the Michaels Makers “refresh for spring” ideas!

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls- love the post! Great tips!

  • Love this post, great tips and ideas, feeling very inspired! I love picture ledges and currently have them in 2 areas of my home (one on my front entry wall, one along the back) I have two more spaces in mind where I have been thinking about using them (my bedroom, and our family room) but wonder if that might be overkill.. too much of a good thing?

    • haha never enough picture ledges! We love them too. So great that you can constantly re-arrange your frames on them. Love it!

  • Sarah

    Where did you get the shelves in your office? They are cute and may be just the thing I am looking for my husband and my’s farm house! I tried going thru recent old posts, but I don’t see it mentioned.

    • Thanks so much, Sarah! I’m putting together a whole post on these shelves coming up but for now here are the direct links:

      1. Larger Shelf –> http://rstyle.me/n/cfpe55bby8f
      2. Smaller Shelf — http://rstyle.me/n/cfpe4sbby8f

      I hope that helps!! Unfortunately I had to put both shelves together from scratch (boo!) but I really do love them now that they’re built and love the pricetag (especially since I found similar ones at West Elm for much more $).