New Pendant Lights in our Master Bathroom

Back in February, I asked you guys to help me narrow down the choices for lighting in our master bathroom. Man oh man did you guys deliver!

We got lots of comments on the post, and then we even got emails from a few of you. One amazing reader even photo shopped in some of the lighting options so I could get a better sense of how they would look in our space! Don’t we have the coolest readers?! Seriously, so supportive and sweet!bathroom_light_options

All of your input really helped me consider my options…and I ended up buying the new lights not long after that post! I decided to go with…option #1!

master-bathroom-lights-5After doing lots of measuring, I decided that they would fit the space well and I really couldn’t go wrong with the sleek black look. Heck, even if they weren’t perfect I knew they would be 1000x better than the rusty pendants we had hanging in the bathroom.

master-bathroom-lights-6Plus, lighting can be incredibly expensive and these were only $65 a pop. Not too shabby. I love the black matte shades and the large size compared to the old dinky ones. pendant-lights-master-bathroom

I installed them myself one morning and it really wasn’t too difficult of a project. Luckily the pendants are really light weight, so I didn’t need to wake up my snoozing husband to lend me a hand and hold them up while I attached the wires. It was still an arm workout, but not nearly as difficult as installing our ceiling fan!black-pendant-light-bathroom

The cord isn’t perfect straight which bugs me a bit, but I’m hoping that gravity will work to coax the cord down? Any ideas for me to get the cords looking perfect?master-bathroom-lights-8While the new black pendant lights look so much better than the old ones, they also create a  ton of light! I was amazed when I flicked the power back on and our entire bathroom illuminated. Let’s just say my makeup will be much more precise these days…bathroom-pendant-lighting

This project has been on my to-do list forever, so I’m so happy that I finally chose new lights and got them installed. Throwing away those rusty pendants was an amazing feeling if I do say so myself. master-bathroom

With the new black pendants installed, I now want to add a few more touches of black to the space. We have shelves above the toilet that are just asking for a bit of re-styling. Cannot wait to get my hands on them…


Until then, you’ll likely find me sitting close to the mirror plucking my eyebrows and checking out my pores in my new illuminated bathroom! <—gross, but it’s the truth.




  • Erin

    Beautiful! I hope gravity will do it’s job! i think it will. we have cords for our dining room light, and the cords are straight.

    • So happy to hear that! They’re looking a bit straighter already, but aren’t perfect just yet.

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girl- love the lights! so cool! y’all have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Shawnna! The lights are 1000x better than those old rusty ones! Happy Friday.

  • Wow! The pendants look great and your diy skills have me beyond impressed!

    • Thanks Kerri! These electrical projects get easier every time, but this one was kinda a doozy. You just never know what you’re gonna find when you open up that box in there!

  • Trang

    Isn’t it an awesome feeling to get a task completed and checked off your list? I love the new look. Great lighting is a must for us gals because we have so much upkeep with our beauty routine.

    • The best feeling ever! So great. And oh boy…the lighting is great (or not so great on those days when I don’t get enough sleep. haha!)

  • Hahaha, love the honesty of what you’ll be doing in front of the mirror with better light. Truth!

    • Gotta keep it real, right?! haha Thanks Diana!

  • Kara D

    I love your choice! Those matte black big pendants in there have that unique “this is my home” look as opposed to “hi, this is a basic build install” look. Glad to hear they weren’t such a pain to install like the ceiling fan! As Erin has already said, and I’ve also experienced it previously, those cords will straighten out with gravity over time – all it requires is patience!

    • Thanks so much Kara! So happy you like them. And I agree…these certainly don’t look builder-grade. Which I love!