3 Months Into the “Year of Casey”

First, I’m so thrilled with the feedback from my first “Year of Casey” post. I’ve heard from so many women, mostly moms, who are also excited to take this year and do more for themselves. Right now, there are “Years of Courtneys, Megans, Kristins, Laurens, etc.” happening. I love it!

the year of casey - giving resolution updates

On the day that post went live, my DMs were jam-packed with stories from moms and I wanted to share a few insights with you because I found them to be very eye-opening.

Be the Person You Want Your Kids to Be

Sharing my resolution updates

One of the sentiments that I heard regularly was that it’s important to live a life that you would want your kids to live – a well-rounded life, full of hobbies, friends, and activities that bring you joy. That means experiencing life beyond your children and your home. You need to emulate the life you would want for your own child!

Hearing this from other moms was so eye-opening to me. It seems simple in theory, but harder to practice in everyday life, especially as a mom of two littles, when life seems to be all about them.

One of my favorite messages was from a woman who has a hobby night once a week where she takes a local woodworking class. Her husband gets a night off to pursue one of his passions, too. She has learned new skills, met interesting people, and most importantly, she did something for herself! I absolutely loved hearing this!

Wanting a Do-Over

I also heard from some older women who wish they had a do-over of those young years with their kids. They wish they would have taken more time to nourish themselves back then. Now, with their kids grown, they are finding it harder to find their passions, connect with friends, and find themselves again.

I got a few messages from women who felt sad for their own moms, and guilty when it was time for them to leave the nest, because their moms’ identities were wrapped up in their own.

Hearing all of these perspectives on motherhood was fascinating and deepened my commitment to finding myself!

My House of Colour Appointment

sharing more about my house of colour experience

Okay, now let’s get to some of those things I’ve done the past few months for myself! First, I had a House of Colour appointment with my best friend, in February. Not only was it a fun girls’ day out, but I learned so much and now might be the first time in my life that I’m actually excited to shop for clothes!

Sharing my summer color palette

At the appointment, the consultant uses the principles of color science to discover your color palette. The palettes are divided by seasons – I’m a Summer – and each client leaves with a little booklet of all of the best colors for their particular skin tone. I learned that my current wardrobe, which is mostly made up of black, white, and gray, isn’t the most flattering for me. My best colors are smoky, rose, and cool blue tones. (Thank goodness I still have some navy in my closet!)

I also learned that gold jewelry and warm highlights aren’t great for me either – oops and oops. I started wearing a few new silver pieces and when I got my highlights done last month I asked if she could go a bit cooler and ashier with the color. The entire process was really eye-opening and I’m excited to buy some new pieces for my wardrobe that fit my new color palette! I’ve heard from lots of you who are also interested. They have consultants all over and you can find one near you here.

A Few Items I Bought

My new jean shorts in February 2022

With the newfound knowledge from my color appointment, I purchased a few new items. I still have shopping to do, so I’ll keep you posted as I find more pieces!

Bloggers Night Out

Bloggers night out
Nicole // Hannah // Me // Kim

I was chatting with my friend Kim, from the blog, Yellow Brick Home, earlier this year, and we were discussing the loneliness of our careers and how we missed the camaraderie of going to blogging events and workshops. Well, we decided to do something about it! We created a little bloggers’ night out for other women in the Chicagoland area in the home/DIY niche. It was amazing to have a few cocktails and talk shop! I left feeling rejuvenated and eager to support these other creatives in my industry.

Getting Into a Workout Routine

my mom day in the life 2021

In my first “Year of Casey” post, I talked about wanting to get back into a good workout routine. Well, I haven’t exactly gotten into a regular one just yet, but I have done a few classes and workout videos and I’m slowly getting back to it. You offered a few workout suggestions too…

I also did a virtual Poms dance class a few times and that has been a lot of fun and a great way to get some cardio in. Now, with the weather improving, I’m eager to get outside with the kids more often for long stroller walks too!

What I’ve Read/Watched

As I mentioned, I like to dedicate the last hour of the day to myself and it usually includes reading or watching a TV show. The last month hasn’t involved much of that since our main bedroom was a construction zone, so I didn’t have as much time relaxing in our bedroom. But, here are the few things I’ve enjoyed lately…

  • Untamed (book): I absolutely loved this book. A must-read for every woman.
  • Oh Crap!: Potty Training (book): We’ll be starting potty training in the coming weeks and this has been a wonderful resource. Also, I’m not looking for any unsolicited potty training advice…we got it covered over here!
  • Pivoting (TV Show): A cute lighthearted show. I always like a good comedy before bedtime.
  • WeCrashed (TV Show): This is the story behind WeWork and it’s incredible.

Excited for More Fun Ahead!

The year of casey giving resolution updates

So far, it has been a great start to the year and I have more things planned. Finn and I have a Staycation later this month; in May I’m heading to Dallas to see my college girlfriends; and in June I’m visiting family in Kansas City. There are lots of exciting things that I’m doing for me!


The Year of Casey

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