The Break Room No. 25

The break room no. 1Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about August 2021.

My Recent Buys

Our backyard projects to-do list
Rory using her learning tower in the kitchen
  • It can be tough to cook or prep food when Rory is in the kitchen, so we ended up getting this learning tower so she can be a part of the action. As you’ll see from the above picture, her involvement certainly adds to the kitchen mess! She looooooves it and it’s sometimes hard to get her out of it. It’s also nice because it folds up and we just keep it in our front coat closet when not in use.
  • I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy, so I’ve been stocking up on items that I can use again, once this baby is out! I have Retinol from my derm, this eyelash serum, my CBD favorites, and new teeth whitening gel from my dentist. This mama will be ready to pamper herself!

Finn’s Favorites

August 2021 visiting the farm
  • I recently started doing a bit of yoga and stretching, and without these yoga blocks and strap I wouldn’t have made it through my first day! It’s a huge boost for those struggling to get going. By the way, I’m doing this 21-day hip opening challenge and it’s been great for an inflexible guy like me. I am hoping to be able to sit more comfortably on the floor with the kiddos!
  • It’s time for me to start wearing business casual again, and having these pant hangers is crucial. It’s so much easier sliding them on here and they’re less likely to wrinkle.
  • Rory is all about the water spout in the bathtub so I got this battery powered shower toy that keeps running during the bath for a safer alternative. SHE LOVES IT!
  • I love using data to analyze problems and the books from Emily Oster really break down parenting decisions into easy to digest information. Here’s her latest book which we just purchased.

The Click List

  • You’ve gotta see this RV makeover. So freakin’ cool.
  • This DIY hood is next level…
  • Have you watched Never Have I Ever on Netflix? I binged it and it was fantastic.
  • This is my Vietnam. A powerful read.
  • This fireplace made me stop in my tracks.
  • There are so many heartbreaking events happening in the world right now and I know we often feel helpless. First, it’s important to get your news from reliable sources (I like @jessicayellin and @mosheh on Instagram). Here are also some ways you can help…
    • Afghanistan Matters: This link contains many resources for vetted places to donate, volunteer opportunities, and information to call your elected officials.
    • St. Luke Foundation for Haiti: One of my mom’s friends worked at this organization while living in Haiti. 97.3% of every donation directly helps those in Haiti.
    • Beit el Baraka: Directly helps Lebanese citizens.

Finn Family Updates – August 2021

We started this month with a trip to my sister-in-law’s farm in Wisconsin. We went last year as a family and decided that we had to make it an annual thing! It’s an absolutely beautiful property and it felt so good to get away.

August 2021 Rory enjoying our family trip to the farm
My mom with her grandkids
Our family trip to Wisconsin

Our long weekend was filled with s’mores, swimming, naps, and family time. What more could you ask for? Plus, I was able to capture some nice family photos during our time, although, it was tough to get all the kids to smile at once!

Rory and Casey during pregnancy - Ask Casey No. 14

My brother is getting married in a few weeks and we are all so excited about the upcoming festivities. Their original wedding was scheduled for September 2020, so they had to postpone it a year. Now things are back on! We had their bridal shower earlier this month and it was absolutely beautiful. (Plus, it felt nice to get dressed up and put on full makeup for once… the picture above is with Rory before I left for the party!)

I’m a tad worried about the wedding since I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant on his wedding day. If you remember, I had Rory a bit before 36 weeks, so I’m hopeful that Baby Boy will stay put so I can fully enjoy the wedding. Oh, and did I mention I’m in the wedding? Yep, also a bit nervous about fitting into my bridesmaid’s dress! You’ll find me in the back of photos with a bouquet hiding my large bump. Ha!

Now that our backyard is just about done, we’ve been spending all of our time hanging outside! Finn held his Fantasy Football Draft back there with all of his best friends and we recently hosted a family dinner for my brother’s birthday. It feels good to finally enjoy our hard work!

Bump Updates

This pregnancy is moving on by and we’re getting near the very end! As I mentioned in this Ask Casey post, it’s been a bit tough the last few months. I’ve started blood transfusions to get my iron stores up and I’m doing physical therapy to deal with severe pelvic pain. But I’m almost to the finish line and it will be well worth it in the end when I hold that baby for the first time!


The Year of Casey

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