9 Things you Might Not Know About Us & a SURVEY!

Last month, we had such a fun time sharing insights about our husbands that you probably didn’t know. Like Finn’s chapstick addiction and Matt’s obsession with music. So today we though we’d share a little insight into ourselves.

Learning More About Us

DIY_Playbook-4th-birthday-bridget-casey-3To be perfectly honest, it was DIFFICULT to come up with these because we feel like we share a lot here on the blog. You guys probably already know Casey loves to drink champagne, and Bridget is a big sweets lover. But we challenged ourselves to dig deep and think about those random quirks that we each have.

We did share some fun facts about ourselves in this post about Casey and this post about Bridget, but we figured it was time to update any new readers about our true selves…quirks & all!

9 Things You Might Not Know About Bridgetdiy_playbook_headshots_Bridget

  • I was born Bridget Birk O’Connor, my mom gave me and both of my sisters her maiden name as our middle names. Once I got married, I had to change my last name. But not only did I change my last name, I also changed my middle name just like my mom did 30+ years ago. I followed her lead and changed my maiden name into my middle name. So now my legal name is Bridget O’Connor Matkovich.
  • I rarely ever drink alcohol. I’m definitely not against people around me drinking (cheers to them!), I’m just not a fan of the taste so I would much rather opt out of a cocktail and enjoy a chocolate shake (or a dessert!) instead. Arizona_camera_bridget-001
  • I was never exposed to or interested in photography before the blog… not even a little. But starting the blog introduced me to my first DSLR camera and now I’m obsessed with learning and improving my photo skills. I have no regrets in life so far (knock on wood!) but if I could, I would definitely go back and take all the photography classes offered in HS and college. I’m so interested in it but have no official training and feel like such a rookie when I hear others talk “shop” about their cameras. brown-leather-jacket-with-converse-bridget-3
  • I would consider myself very friendly and outgoing, but I would also say that I’m definitely on the quiet side in a large crowd. I would much rather sit back and observe while in a large group than be the center of attention. Actually being the center of attention is my worst nightmare!
  • My favorite celebrity is Lester Holt, the news anchor from the TODAY Show and now the Nightly News. He has such a kind, calm, positive, and compassionate demeanor… overall I think he’s just a class act.work_hard_be_nice_to_people
  • “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”. My parents were (and still are) the most hardworking and kindest people I know. Growing up they never preached the importance of either of those qualities, but instead modeled them every single day. When I look at this print I instantly think of them & am reminded that for me, it really is that simple. And just like my parents did for me, I hope to lead by example and pass on those same values to my own kids some day.
  • Some of my bad habits include… biting my finger nails, swearing, eating a lot of junk food/sweets, and being constantly dehydrated from not drinking nearly enough water. owen
  • I became an aunt last year for the first time and I’m pretty obsessed the new title… and the adorable little guy that gave it to me. I’ve babysat my nephew Owen a few times all by myself (yikes!) and let’s just say I have A LOT to learn! Like who knew you had to burp a newborn after every ounce of a bottle instead of just once at the very end?! (oops… that was a messy mistake!) But most importantly, watching my sister become a mom has already taught me so much. She’s incredible and every time I watch her in action, I’m in awe of her dedication and want to be just like her when I have kids. #notpregnant #justsayingCoffee Lipstick Bridget
  • I gave up coffee last year so it’s been about 4+ months since the last time I had any caffeinated coffee! About once a week I’ll splurge and have a decaf coffee (usually on the weekends) but for the most part I am caffeine-free! My original goal was give up coffee and replace it with water. I mastered the first part but I’m still working on the water part. 😉

9 Things you Might Not Know About Caseycasey-work-11

  • Since Finn is a night owl, I most always go to sleep before him. But he tucks me in every single night, turning off the lights and putting on our white noise machine. Sometimes if I’m really being spoiled he will throw the blanket in the dryer so it’s warm & toasty when he tucks me in. Yes, I know…he is the best.
  • I really enjoy having a routine, especially a morning routine. In fact, I always have the same thing for breakfast (Greek yogurt with berries, chia seeds, flaxseed, protein powder, and raw almonds.) I am a creature of habit. Casey-Meme
  • My mom’s mom is my only living grandparent and she is amazing. We call her Meme and her social calendar is way more jam-packed than mine ever is. She loves having wine nights with her girlfriends and she has an iPhone, iPad, and laptop! We text and email often and I’m actually heading to Arizona next weekend to see her! Cannot wait…casey-fall-fashion-17
  • I’m left-handed. When I was younger I hated being a lefty because I couldn’t use scissors and would get ink all over the side of my hand taking notes during school. But in today’s digital world it doesn’t seem to be as much of an annoyance!
  • I absolutely hate scary movies. I can’t even watch trailers for horror flicks or else I will have nightmares.View More: http://ginacristine.pass.us/casey--mike-1
  • I have incredibly fat fingers (8.5 ring size) and when I was younger I thought that I could move them around enough to exercise them and get some of the finger chub away! Ha! When it came time to choose a wedding band, I was so self-conscious of my fingers and didn’t want to choose anything that would draw too much attention to them.
  • I hardly ever swear. In fact, out of the 2 of us Bridget has much more of a potty mouth. Shocking..I know!
  • I don’t eat red meat or pork, instead I only opt for chicken, fish, or turkey. It doesn’t have to do anything with health or animal rights (although those are perks!), instead I just don’t really care for those meats.casey-black-jeans-leopard-purse-2
  • I found my first gray hair this year, and I’m not gonna lie…it freaked me out! As a woman who frequently gets highlights, I suppose I’ll have to add another step to my process at the hair salon. I’m on the fast track to my 30’s and I’m still trying to accept this whole aging thing. Tell me I’m not alone?!


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