The Break Room No. 15

The break room no. 1 May 2019

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about September 2020.

My Recent Buys

  • Last month, I told you how Finn bought me lots of new shoes (he is the resident shopper in our house). This month, he bought me a new athleisure wardrobe. I told him I wanted some new clothes after having Rory for my “mommy days.” He ordered clothes from alllll over and I tried things on, kept what I liked, and sent the rest back. It was kinda like having a personal shopper! Here’s what I ended up keeping…
  • Most days, I just put my hair back in a low bun and call it a day (especially because Rory likes to grab onto my hair when it’s down). To jazz up my hair, I bought a few headbands. I got this calf hair one, this leopard print, and this black headband. It makes me feel put together.Creating a free window shelf
  • I haven’t done any in-store home decor shopping since March (bummer), so I’ve been shopping for new items online. I ended up getting this plant stool, this blanket for the foot of our bed, and this small bud vase (used on the new shelves in our bathroom). Baby Brezza formula machine
  • This last item is the biggest gamechanger to our daily lives…this Baby Brezza machine. Now that I’m no longer breastfeeding, this is the key to making Rory’s bottles. It’s essentially like a little Keurig. The formula is in the top; water is in the back; and you push a button and a bottle comes out in the exact number of ounces you need at the perfect temperature. If you’re formula feeding, it’s so incredibly convenient. We are saving boatloads of time with this thing and it’s coming in handy now that we don’t have a kitchen.

Finn’s FavoritesFinn and Rory in September 2020

Finn likes to theme his favorites for the month, whereas my list is always an assortment of randomness. This month he’s calling his list “The Daily Grind.”

  • 90% of my shoes are from Cole Haan…it’s my favorite brand. I recently added these casual sneakers to the mix. I love the way these go with any look and I can be on my feet all day and still feel comfortable.
  • Cole Haan also has great sunglasses on sale for men and women. These sunnies come in a variety of colors and are extremely durable for everyday use.
  • Since having Rory, getting a nice six hour break to go play golf has been tough, but with this putting system, I can get my fix and improve my putting in the basement!
  • I have talked about this Repel spray before, but it is incredible for keeping your shoes protected as you enter the winter months. It works great on leather boots, especially!
  • These are good everyday joggers to keep you on the move while at home or on the go. They’re affordable, durable, and trendy – what else do you need?

The Click List

Finn Family Updates – September 2020

Let’s start out with a little video! I usually compile a seasonal video, but I was so busy with Rory that I wasn’t able to publish one in the spring. Instead, I combined clips from both spring and summer to create this little video montage.

These videos usually highlight lots of the projects we’ve done around the house, but instead, this one features a lot of family shots and tons of Rory. Ha, sorry in advance! But it really is wild to see her grow up right in front of our eyes!

We’ve had a pretty low-key month at home as a family. We’ve enjoyed many walks with the slightly cooler temps and we’ve spent lots of time prepping for our kitchen renovation. Speaking of…Demo kitchen

Here’s a look at our kitchen after the first day of demo! It’s wild how quickly they were able to take everything out. I wish the rebuilding was that fast!

Rory at 5 months oldAlso, Rory turned five months and we can’t get enough of this girl! Her personality is really coming out and she is such a smiley and happy girl. Rory sitting upShe enjoys sitting up so she can see everything that is going on, and keeps pushing up to stand  – it’s kinda her favorite thing ever. Rory has a big appetite and gobbles up any food we give her and we’re eager to see how much she has grown at her upcoming six month doctor’s appointment. Rory in her sleep sackShe is still an amazing sleeper and we recently moved her from the Magic Merlin sleepsuit to this Nested Bean sleep sack. She was starting to move so much in the Merlin and you’re supposed to transition them out once they start to roll over over in it. We would put her down for the night on one side of the crib and find her turned the opposite way in the morning, so we figured  it was better to get her used to the sleep sack as soon as possible. She has been a champ with the change, although there were a few tough naps in the beginning! September 2020 with Rory

Overall, life is good. We don’t get out much, but we sure are enjoying our time together as a family of three.


The Year of Casey

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