The Break Room No. 14

The break room no. 1 May 2019

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about August 2020.

My Recent Buys

  • You guys know me and my indifference to all things fashion. Just not my thing. However, Finn is alllll about the fashion. He recently looked at the shoes in my closet and proclaimed that many of them needed to be thrown out because they were so trashed from overuse! (It’s the truth –  ha!) I told him he could go ahead and buy me some new shoes…whatever he thought I needed. He is obsessed with Cole Haan men’s shoes and he noticed there was a huge clearance on women’s shoes a few weeks back. I ended up with these sneakers, these sandals, and these boots. Guys, they’re all awesome and super comfortable!! He is officially hired as my new personal shopper and he is now starting to buy new clothing for me. I’ll keep you updated…
  • So I did do some shopping, myself, at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (You can see my top picks in this post. I got more shoes…these Sorel boots (I bought them last year and wore them every day of winter!) and these cute wedges. I also got these jeans, this drapey top, this fave top, these leggings, and these sunnies. Lots of good deals!
My grandmother's ring
  • As I’ll discuss below, my grandmother recently passed away. To keep a piece of her with me every day, I now wear one of her very special rings. It was actually a gift for my great grandmother’s 80th birthday, that was then passed down to my grandmother, and is now passed down to me. It’s vintage and absolutely stunning. I got my wedding band resized to fit my left hand (I always wore it on my right), so I can wear this vintage ring all the time on my right hand. Many of you have already inquired about it on Instagram, so I wanted to share the entire story! And no, I don’t have a link (hahahaha!).Amazon handmade items for my bathroom shelves
  • I just started a new collaboration with Amazon Handmade and I’m blown away by their huge assortment of goods from artisans all over the world. I ended up getting a few new items for the shelves in our “new” guest bathroom including this candle, this match striker jar (probably my favorite item of the bunch), this reed diffuser (smells so good…kinda masculine), this concrete planter, this ring holder, and this little tray.
  • A few more items I picked up from Amazon Handmade (I’m justifying all my purchases with the fact that my shopping is supporting small businesses!): This gold necklace (great for layering), this simple bracelet, these stud earrings, and this dangly necklace.

Finn’s FavoritesFinn's basement office space

As you know, Finn has been working from home since March and will continue working in our basement for the foreseeable future. Because of that, he has been dressing pretty comfortably throughout the day. His picks this month are work from home basics that he uses and wears constantly.

  • This is the softest & most comfortable tee-shirt I have ever worn. Hands down. All of their stuff is incredible and good for workouts or relaxation (Note from Casey: I can vouch that this is the softest item in Finn’s wardrobe. And bonus points, it washes well even after lots of spit-ups!).
  • These are great workout or lounging shorts (I prefer with liner) and they offer versatile styles for daily wear as well. Plus, I like how they offer all kinds of lengths (5-9 inch inseam).
  • This zip-up is perfect for looking respectable while working from home (I can throw it on before a Zoom call) and can be worn all year long. I’m hoping I can use this to keep golfing, even into the fall season.
  • Let’s talk about the two towels I use often. I tend to sweat a lot, so this little towel is always nearby to wipe my face. It’s clean and high-quality (and not a used Rory special. Haha). As for Rory, I still stand by these soft cloths. They’re the #1 item I’ve used for my fatherhood experience. I use them on my shoulder, to wipe spit up, and to have on hand for extra drool.

The Click List

Finn Family Updates – August 2020

Casey takes a selfie with a guest.

The month started on a sad note with the passing of my grandmother. She was an amazing woman and lived a great 88 years. We were incredibly close, talking at least a few times a week on the phone. My Meme was obsessed with Rory, and even though she never got to officially meet her (thanks, COVID), we Facetimed often so she could see what Rory was up to. 

On the night of her passing, I ended up listening to many of the voicemails that Meme had left me over the last few months and even years. They were always really long and she would go into depth about something she admired in my life. She was always soooo complimentary, cheerful, and positive. Whenever I’m having a tough day, I try to remind myself to be more like Meme. Happy and positive! 4th old Rory

Our sweet Rory turned four months old and the days just keep getting better. Her little personality is really coming out and we even had our first belly laughs this month! She is still a tiny peanut, weighing just 12 pounds, but whoa…her legs are long. (It’s hard to find footed jammies that fit!) I think we have a tall girl on our hands.

Rory reading a book
Rory during tummy time
Rory starting to eat food

At our four month appointment, our pediatrician encouraged us to start food! rory eating foodWe’ve been having a blast introducing Rory to the fabulous world of food. So far she gobbles anything down that we give her. It’s adorable (and very messy!). Rory and her cousinsReviewing August 2020

We spent a lot of the month with my family (Rory loves hanging with her cousins), going to the park, and taking walks around the neighborhood. We are doing our best to soak up the outdoors as much as possible!Family photo before kitchen renovation

Our kitchen renovation starts in two weeks, so right now we are doing everything we can to prepare. We’re setting up a makeshift kitchen in the basement with a mini fridge and toaster oven. I’ll be sure to share our entire setup once it’s up and running. It’s about time to start packing up all of the items in our kitchen cabinets to prep for the demo, so we’ve definitely got some work ahead of us (and it will be a good time to purge items we no longer use). rory and casey in the garage

We’re also prepping the garage because soon it will be full of boxes for the renovation. Right now, it is pretty empty and ready to fill on up. I’m dreading the thought of a messy and dusty house for the next month or two, but I try to keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it in the end. I’m sure I’ll have lots to share in next month’s “Break Room” post.


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