The Break Room No. 16

The break room no. 1 May 2019

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about October 2020.

My Recent Buys

  • I show my face on Instagram stories just about every day and I get asked a lot about what I put on my skin. (Thank you, by the way!) Most days, this is my 3-minute makeup routine…this cc cream (it even has sunscreen), this concealer (it’s magical), this new-to-me mascara (so far, I’m loving it!), this bronzer (just switched to this and it’s great!), and this tinted lip balm ( it’s hydrating, but with a tiny bit of color). I can swipe all of this on in a few minutes and I’m ready for the day!casey faux fur jacket

Sneakers // Leggings // Athleisure Top // Coat // Necklace

Finn’s FavoritesFinn and Rory during October 2020

As you may know, Finn handles all of the shopping for Rory, which I greatly appreciate. He is always doing research on what to get her to make eating, sleeping and playing better. Here are some of his recent buys for our little girl…

  • This spoon might double as her favorite chew toy. It’s so safe and it works so well at cleaning up the food ALL OVER HER FACE.
  • If you don’t know why these waste bags are crucial and you have a baby, you might be a bad house guest. Bring these with your diaper bag, so when you leave, the scent of your baby leaves too!
  • These are the pacifiers Rory uses and loves! She can easily grab the big handle to pop it in and out of her mouth and they come in lots of cute colors. 
  • Now that it’s getting cooler, we put Rory in these Wondersuits all the time. The feet transition to being open or closed, depending on how cold it is. They take a few weeks to come in because they’re shipped from Australia, but it’s well worth it. Oh, and we also bought this knit hat, these velcro booties, and these boots for the cooler temps.

The Click List

Finn Family Updates – October 2020Visiting with my dad

Early in the month, we visited my dad’s house in Beverly Shores, Indiana. It was nice to see all of the fall leaves, hang out with him, and get away from our dusty house. Doesn’t Rory look so cute in her little bear suit? He lives in a gorgeous area and Rory loved looking at all of the trees and wildlife.

We also went to a local pumpkin patch to get Rory’s first pumpkin! Rory loved watching people (she was smiling the whole time just looking around at all of the action), but we didn’t stay very long because it was a tad crowded and we’re trying to be as safe as possible.

Baby Bjorn // Rory Hat // Rory Sweater //Rory Jeans // Rory BootiesRory and her cousins

We also had a little carving party at my brother’s house. Rory loooooves hanging with her cousins. It’s fun for her to watch them run around and she likes to act like a big girl when she is with them. (Look at her sitting there like a big kid!)

October 2020, 6 month old Rory

Birthday Girl Onesie

Rory also turned six months old, which kinda blew our minds. Where did the last six months go? She is now sitting on her own (although sometimes she will tumble on over!), babbling like crazy, and eating anything we put in front of her. She isn’t crawling just yet, but she is ready to be on the move!casey and finn wedding anniversary date night

And as you read in this post, Finn and I celebrated our six-year wedding anniversary on October 11th. We went to dinner for the first time since January!!! I think our last real meal at a restaurant was on our Babymoon to Palm Springs because then we did Frugal February, COVID started in March, and Rory came in April. We went to RPM Steak, wore our masks, and sat outside. The food was incredible and it was so nice to relax and reconnect. Jan even took Rory for the night so we were able to sleep in in the morning. It was the best gift to us!

All of the big work in the kitchen is complete and we were able to move back upstairs. We’re still waiting on quite a few things though…the shelves, the butcher block, the dining bench cushions, and the appliances. (Yeah, that last one is pretty essential.) It’s nice to no longer have workers in our house every single day and I was even able to deep clean everything. I’ll be sure to keep you posted as things progress.

Finally, here are a few bloopers from our recent gift guide photo shoot. My friend, Bridget, came over to take the photos on a Sunday morning this month and we got some great ones! Rory wasn’t happy when I took her bottle away a tad early and she enjoyed munching on every prop in sight! The gift guide will debut on Monday, November 23rd, so be on the lookout for that! It’s crazy to think that the holidays are just around the corner…


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