The Break Room No. 24

The break room no. 1Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about July 2021.

My Recent Buys

  • I’ve already chatted about this bra here on the blog, but it deserves another spot in a post because it’s that good. I bought this comfy bra in nude, and then immediately bought it in black because it’s so good. It is so comfortable, that it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything. I’ve pretty much been wearing this!
  • Now that a majority of the big work is done on the backyard, I’m having fun finding accessories and furniture for the space. I ended up getting these lanterns from Article, in the small and table sizes, and I scooped up these outdoor battery-operated candles for the inside. You can set them on a timer or use the remote control that comes with them to control the three candles. So far, I’m a big are special plate
  • Growing up, we had a red “You Are Special” plate that would make an appearance on special occasions, like birthdays, scoring a goal at your soccer game, getting a good test score, etc.  If we saw the red plate was ready to be used, it was always so exciting! I didn’t even realize they still make these, but I found one and immediately bought it to continue the tradition with my own family.
July 2021 - swapping out an old light fixture in our stairwell
  • A few weeks ago, on Instagram, I shared a simple DIY project where I swapped out the light fixture in our basement stairwell. Our old one was pretty horrendous and this new one was only $33 and took me twenty minutes to install. If you’re new to DIY lighting projects, I highly recommend checking out the new brand Character. They sell DIY kits and have an awesome lighting kit that has everything you need to tackle a light installation, plus, expert help if you hit a snag. You can use code DIYPLAYBOOK for $10 off!We bought a new glider for the nursery in July 2021
  • My mom and I hit up the Pottery Barn Outlet, in Joliet, IL,  over the long holiday weekend and holy smokes…it’s amazing. I can’t believe I’ve never visited before because it’s stocked full of amazing deals. Pretty much everything is about 50% off regularly priced Pottery Barn items. I ended up finding this blush velvet glider for Rory’s nursery, which meant I got to move her glider to Baby Boy’s room! I also scooped up this pillow for our living room and these outdoor pillows for the backyard. If you live in the Chicagoland area, it’s worth a visit!

Finn’s Favorites

  • When I wrote my men’s fashion post in June, many of you asked about jeans. Well, I’m happy to say I finally found some I like. These pants have tremendous stretch and comfort, plus a nice slim fit without flooding.
  • I have used this backpack for my last three trips and it is such an easy way to travel for 3-4 days. Not cheap, but worth the investment for those who take frequent weekend getaways.
  • I use these mesh bags to store Rory’s toys (especially blocks, puzzles, etc) but they can also be travel bags or laundry bags, etc. Such an easy way to stay organized.
  • Rory is in the”fall everyday” stage and her knees are constantly in boo-boo status. This first aid kit has bandages that are quick to apply, come in dozens of colors, and make it easy to get her back on her feet!

The Click List

Finn Family Updates – July 2021July 2021 - Rory sleeping

I’ve only got a couple of months left until the baby arrives, so I’m trying to get ahead of work to prepare for my maternity leave. I ended up joining a co-working/daycare space in my neighborhood. I take Rory in the mornings, two days a week, so I can get a bit more work done during the day. I figured it would be a good chance to get Rory used to being around other kids and the routine of going to daycare, since she will be going more regularly come 2022.July 2021 - smiling Rory on the deck

Well, it’s been a tad rough. Rory has been in hardcore “cling to Mama” mode these days and drop-offs are tough. There have been lots of tears for both of us! I know it’s so good for her in the long run, but it’s been a tough month as we adjust. I’m not looking for any advice. Trust me, I’ve spent hours doing research to learn every trick of the trade to make this transition period better. I just wanted to share that sometimes parenthood isn’t all rainbow and butterflies and each season brings new challenges, but I’m proud of our girl for sticking it out!making s'mores on the back patio

In happier news, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. The major construction in our backyard wasn’t finished until last week, but that didn’t stop us from hanging out back there. Finn and I even put a s’mores date on the calendar and tried out this new contraption to make ooey-gooey s’mores. It worked like a charm and many were consumed over our fire table!Rory visiting the Chicago Children's Museum during July 2021

On a few rainy days, we’ve headed to the Chicago Children’s Museum. We bought a membership and it has been money well spent. Rory loves going and exploring all of the fun exhibits. I highly recommend it if you’re visiting Chicago or if you’re local, you may want to get  a membership.

As for Baby Boy, he is growing like crazy and moving all around! I still have ultrasounds and blood work every other week, which is a lot, but at least I get the reassurance that he is doing well. He is measuring ahead, so he is looking like a very big boy right now. I’ve been feeling okay, just a daily bout of acid reflux (bring on alllll the Tums!) and peeing every 30 minutes. I can’t complain too much though; this pregnancy is flying by!Rory enjoying July 2021Enjoying July 2021 as a family of three

I’m sharing a post next week about what we’re doing to prepare for our second child. We’re trying our best to explain it to Rory (we bought lots of books for her about being a “big sister”), but she is still pretty young and I don’t really think she understands what’s about to come her way. Until then, we’re looking forward to enjoying these last couple of months as a family of three.


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