BBG Workout Review

Yes, you read that title correctly. We are doing a workout review today. We will give you a few seconds to chuckle at us and process that information.

You back with us? Okay, good.

First a little clarification as to why the heck we’re writing about fitness instead of a DIY/home decor/craft project. We love sharing our lives with you, because we think it offers a great way to connect with our readers and give you some insight into our lives. So just as we’ve gotten personal in this post or this post, we wanted to chat about the workout regimen we both recently did over the past 12 weeks. With that being said, a post like this only happens once in a blue moon…so don’t expect us to turn into health & wellness bloggers any time soon (clarification: never going to happen).

So pardon the big DIY TIME-OUT we’re taking today as we do a BBG workout review.

What is BBG?

BBG-ReviewBBG stands for Bikini Body Guide and it is a program from the Australian fitness star Kayla Itsines. We first heard of BBG & Kayla on our Instagram feed, as we saw some ladies we follow get into amazing shape while following her program. We soon started following Kayla and our feed was instantly bombarded with before & after photos of women who had benefited from the program. Honestly, we were super skeptical at first. It kinda looked like an infomercial for a weight loss supplement. But after some research we were definitely intrigued by the BBG program.

Essentially it is a 12-week program, with 3 weekly workouts. Those three weekly workouts consist of four 7-minute intervals….for a total of 28 minutes. <—Wow, that’s a lot of numbers going on!

Why We Started?BBG Workout Review: hand weights

Casey: So you guys read all about my beauty & fitness routine before the wedding in this post. Well, let me just say that ever since I said, “I do” I let all of those good habits fly out the window. With no wedding dress to fit into, a delicious holiday season, and a stressful few months at work…I found myself starting February feeling sluggish and terrible. Plus, my skinny jeans were feeling a bit tight. With our beach honeymoon looming, I was desperate for a new workout program to shake things up. So I looked into BBG and begged Bridget to be my workout buddy!

Bridget: Honestly, I started because Casey encouraged begged me to do so. Yes, I need to work out way more than I did (aka never) and I wasn’t interested in joining a gym or working out outside (Chicago winters do no promote outdoor activity). So, when Casey informed me of the BBG Workout series, I thought to myself 28 Minutes a day at home? I can handle that! Plus, I needed a workout buddy to encourage me and keep me honest. I was sold. Thanks Case!!

Our BBG Workout ReviewBBG Workout Review: lunges

Casey: Honestly, I really loved the 12 weeks. It was great having a structured workout schedule. Instead of half-assing it in the gym at our building for 45 minutes, I had a specific program to follow 3 days a week. Plus, it was a heck of a lot less expensive than 3 months worth of workout classes and I could do it all in my family room.

But with that being said, it was really hard. Way harder than I anticipated. 28 minutes does not seem like a long time, but when you’re doing dozens of burpees and push-ups…it’s excruciating. I remember being so sore the first 2 weeks, like barely-able-to-walk-normal-sore.  The workouts never got boring to me, and I finished each session a sweaty, tired mess.

By the end of the 12 weeks, I felt good and a lot stronger. By no means do I have a 6 pack (or even a 2 pack for that matter), but I think my fitness levels have improved. I did not follow the eating program that goes along with the guides (I like my champagne, carbs, & chocolate way too much). But I will say that I probably would have seen really impressive results if I had followed the nutrition program too.BBG Workout Review: high knees

Bridget: Hmmm… I’m a BBG drop out (and not proud of it). I started out really strong. For the first four weeks I was totally on target. I worked out consistently and checked in with Casey about how that day’s workout went. Like Casey, I appreciated the structure of the program and being able to do it at home. But just like Casey said… it was SUPER HARD! 28 minutes is way longer than it sounds when you’re busting your behind.

After 4-ish weeks, I got busy after school and wasn’t home a lot to continue to workout. And I know this is WRONG, but after I missed a week, I lost my motivation to continue to keep going. <– not an excuse, just being honest. But when I did stick with it, I did see results (even for the first 4 weeks). I felt stronger for sure and more energized.

BBG Tips:

  • Take Progress Pictures: It seems really weird to stand in the mirror and take a picture of your body (especially if you’re not happy with your body), but we recommend taking progress pictures every 4 weeks. With a program like this, the number on the scale might not change, but you’ll probably notice small changes in your body. Those progress pics will encourage you to keep going!Gym-Shoes-001
  • Have a Buddy: We never actually completed any of the workouts together, but we always talked about how our workout sessions went. There were plenty of times when we didn’t want to do a workout, but having someone to hold you accountable made it hard to justify skipping.
  • Use Interval Timer: We both used the Interval Timer App to time our workouts.
  • Improvise: Neither of us had a bosu ball, medicine ball, or workout bench to use throughout the program. Instead, we used heavy weights and random steps/benches around our homes to complete the different moves. Don’t feel like you need to go out and buy a bunch of workout gear to do the BBG program.

Will we continue?running

Casey: I did take some time off from working out over my honeymoon, but I’m back and ready to continue. There is a BBG 2.0 (weeks 13-24) and I’m definitely going to continue to do the thrice-weekly workouts throughout the summer.stretching

Bridget: I should get back to it, maybe even start at week one again. When I started last time, I literally could not walk normally because I was so sore. It really was a great workout but I have come to the conclusion that it stresses me out to have a definite workout looming on my to-do list all day. So maybe I won’t put as much pressure on myself and will supplement some of these workouts with outdoor activities. Please tell me I’m not the only one who totally SUCKS at working out?


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