The Best Places to Shop for Affordable Maternity Clothes

I always suspected that it would be a bit harder to shop for affordable maternity clothes, but I had no idea just how hard this necessity would prove to be until I started living it. Yikes… the struggle is real.

Buying Affordable Maternity Clothes

Maybe it is because I just didn’t feel like anything looks super flattering on me, maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy I don’t have a ton of time to “shop around”, or maybe it’s because I don’t want to spend money on these clothes that I know aren’t going to be in my closet forever. Either way, shopping for maternity clothes is not my favorite part of being pregnant because almost everything I come across seems so outdated and if I’m being completely honest — ugly.
I have opted to only buy what I need to get me through the pregnancy and try to be as economical as possible throughout this process. No designer jeans, no winter coat, just staples that I could wear (and wear and wear and wear) to work and on the weekends. Here are the places I’ve had the most luck in finding affordable maternity clothes.


Out of my entire list of maternity recommendations, Target (and Target online) is the place I have the most luck at because they have some great staples. Once my bump started showing, I bought this shirt in just about every neutral color.
I’ve ended up getting a TON of use out of these shirts because I wear them to work (with a cardigan) and on the weekends. Plus, the size has lasted throughout my entire pregnancy so far.
I also found cheap, but trendy, maternity jeans at Target, as well as these stretchy pants that have lasted me the entire pregnancy so far. I have heard amazing reviews about these nursing tanks. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find them in stores so I ordered a few online and already have them packed in my hospital bag (along with button up pajamas from Target that my sister insists are a hospital must for nursing).


After Target, H&M has been my second go-to for maternity wear. Again, I only bought the bare minimum but found a few great staples at great prices from H&M. I wouldn’t say the pieces are the most amazing quality, but they got the job done without breaking the bank. Plus, they have a selection that is on-trend… for maternity wear.
I’m lucky to have an H&M near our house that has a mini maternity section, but that one store is really the only H&M store I know of with a maternity selection in-stores instead of solely online. I bought a pair of joggers, a few blouses, and a pair of jeans.


ASOS definitely has the largest selection of on-trend maternity wear. Thankfully I haven’t had any important events that require fancy outfits late in my pregnancy, so I haven’t had a huge need to shop here a ton. BUT, if you want a few more pieces that are on-trend OR if you have an event to prepare for, I would definitely recommend looking at ASOS’ maternity section. They have the largest selection I’ve come across so far and definitely the most trendy options. Plus returning items is super easy!
FYI: ASOS also have tall and petite maternity options, which I thought was pretty awesome and very accommodating for body types of every shape and size. I bought this sweater and plan on wearing it after pregnancy too.


I was surprised to find out that LOFT had a maternity section on their website. I haven’t bought anything there yet, but if you like LOFT styles, I’m confident you’ll like their maternity section because the branding is pretty consistent.

Old Navy

Since I bought most of my everyday staples at Target, I didn’t buy much at Old Navy but they are another great place to look for these everyday go-tos. I also love that their online maternity section is divided into three categories on their website — 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, and 3rd trimester. It’s nice to sift through their online selection based on the stage of pregnancy.
I’m thinking about buying a few of these for breastfeeding, especially since they’re on sale and I’ve heard any kind of “easy access” shirts are great at the start!


Gap also has a good online selection of maternity wear (like this striped shirt I wear all the time). I especially like their focus on comfy wear (lots of cozy options to choose from) and work wear (Gap is a great place to look if your office requires more formal business attire).
Plus, if you’re still looking for super soft button up pajamas for nursing, they have some really amazing ones!


And let’s not forget about Nordstrom’s online maternity selection. I’ve bought plenty of non-maternity options from Nordstrom while I’ve been pregnant (like this super affordable cardigan) but they also have quite a large selection of maternity wear (I’ve heard amazing things about this nursing bra).
Nordstrom offers some higher priced items, but staples you may consider investing in — like maternity winter coats, dresses for weddings, a designer pair of jeans, etc.

Other Items I Bought and Loved

  • This Belly Band
  • Coconut Oil for trying to prevent stretch marks – I bought a container at Costco that could probably last me 7 pregnancies haha!
  • Non-maternity cardigans, blazers, or anything else to layer
Overall, I’m trying to keep my wardrobe as simple as possible…a capsule wardrobe of sorts. This way I can mix and match these maternity pieces while throwing in some of my non-maternity items when possible (although that has become a bit harder now that I’m in the 3rd trimester).

Maternity Clothes or Not, Less is More

The one thing I have LOVED about my maternity wear is that it has really taught me that I don’t need a ton of “stuff” in my closet. I was able to survive by wearing the same few pairs of pants, blouses, and sweaters and I love this simplicity. I really want to focus on this more post-pregnancy as well. Instead of buying a lot of different pieces, I want to continue to pare down and invest in a few quality pieces that I love and are super versatile.

Catch up on my Pregnancy…


Did I miss any maternity favorites? I’m sure others are wondering too!! Drop your advice (or favorite pieces) in the comments below so we can all start taking notes.

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